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Why You Need to Change Your Oil Regularly

Hand Pouring Oil on EngineWhether you’re driving a new or second-hand car, routine vehicle maintenance is necessary to ensure it runs optimally. Performing an oil change is one of the regular practices that you should embrace, stress car specialists from Pinecrest Shell in Alexandria, VA.

Protect Engine Parts

An engine contains different parts that are essential to the proper function of any car. These include the camshaft, crankshaft, and connecting rods. It’s clean oil in your engine that protects these parts from damage.

Enjoy Better Mileage

It’s the goal of every car owner to enjoy better mileage. Your car’s mileage is a product of the vehicle maintenance, terrain, and driving habits. Failing to change your oil will have dirt clogging your engine and inducing friction. Friction works against fuel economy, and it will minimize your car’s mileage.

Better Engine Performance

Old oil in your engine breaks down, meaning it has less viscosity and low lubrication abilities. The dirt prevents the oil from reaching the target areas. Also, since oil should draw heat from the engine and create a cooling effect, once it’s full of dirt, the parts of the engine remain hot, making it run less efficiently.

Longer Engine Life

You agree oil is a critical component in the effective running of your vehicle. Changing your oil means that you keep your engine clean, thus protecting it from any potential risks of intermittent failure. You also stay safe from emergency engine breakdowns that could strain your budget if you don’t have an emergency fund. In other words, changing your oil is an investment towards a long-lasting vehicle.

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If you’re planning to have your car serve you for long, then getting oil change a little more often than you have been is not a choice. Working with an experienced mechanic will get you the opportunity to detect any issues with your car and rectify them in good time.

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