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What You Should Do Before Selling Your Car For Scrap

Row of used carsIf you have an old vehicle gathering dust in your garage, chances are that it’s old and repairing the car will be more costly than buying a new one. You might think of selling it, but the number of buyers looking for an old car is not particularly large. There is, however, a group of people looking for your old car and are prepared to pay real money for it.

Christchurch Wreckers are wreckers in Christchurch that buy junky old cars to dispose of or recycle the parts. Before going off to sell your car, however, here’s what you need to do:

Remove Any Personal Effects

If you have had the car for a while, you may have completely forgotten items you placed in it at one point or another. The scrap car isn’t a dustbin, and you shouldn’t expect the car wreckers to clean the vehicle for you. Make sure you check every nook and cranny for any small items and keepsakes that you might want to keep. Check all the compartments for any important paperwork you might have kept in the car.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Return your license plate and cancel the insurance for the car you’re selling. The essential item you need before transferring ownership is a legal title to the vehicle. The junkyard might still buy the car without the proof of ownership, but you will not get a decent price.

Get Multiple Quotations

It is advisable to get an approximate figure from your mechanic and use that number for selling. Once you have the figure, get a few quotes from different sources on how much your car is worth. This will allow you to bargain for a better price when selling the vehicle.

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Instead of gathering dust, make your car work for you one more time by selling it to a reputable wrecking service. No matter the condition it’s in, wreckers would still be willing to take it off your hands and reuse it into something better.

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