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Trucks & Trailers: A Lowdown On Trailers That Trucks Usually Tow

a trailer truck on a highwayTalk about trucks and what immediately comes to mind are those lumbering behemoths on the road that, for all we know, will transform to Optimus Prime at any second. But seriously, those are, but one of the different kinds of trucks, and a lot of them are designed to pull a trailer to transport goods and materials.

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For those who may want to know more about this type of vehicle, note that it has three classifications according to weight. There are heavy trucks, medium trucks, and light trucks. There are also those that are designed to move heavy loads.

Believe it or not, a pickup truck is a truck, as well as an SUV and a minivan. They come in many forms, each one designed to haul specific cargo.

Making it more complicated are the types of trailers that trucks can pull. Here’s a rundown of some of the more common:


A versatile carrier that can haul anything from steel coils to whole trees. It doesn’t have a containing box, so loading and off-loading materials is easy to do. But you would need to know the proper way to tarp a flatbed to make sure your cargo doesn’t fall off.

Dry Van

It’s a flatbed with a box around it and one of the most common ways of moving things on the interstate. As its name implies, it keeps its cargo dry, which makes it ideal for shipping clothes, food, and electronics.

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Or refrigerated trailer, this is an insulated dry van that has a cooling system to keep goods fresh. It’s mainly used to haul foods and produce, and sometimes, even medicines.


Mostly used to transport heavy-duty construction equipment, it’s capable of taking on loads that weigh from 40,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds.

Step Deck

It is essentially a flatbed but with a maximum allowed freight height of 10 feet, which means they carry things that a regular flatbed can’t.

Extendable Flatbed

Yes, as its name suggests, it’s a flatbed that can be extended, from 43 feet up to 80 feet long so it can haul long loads such as tall trees.


Equipped with a side of wood paneling, it’s used to carry materials like gravel, dirt, and others that don’t need to be packaged.

There are other types of trailers that you might chance upon on the road, and they can be a fascinating sight hauling things you don’t usually see.

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