FTA Says that Apprenticeships May Solve the Skills Shortage Caused by BrexitFTA Says that Apprenticeships May Solve the Skills Shortage Caused by Brexit| Auto Boardz
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Training Projects to Solve the Brexit Skills Shortage

British Flag and European Union FlagBrexit negotiations seem to be heading nowhere, with many fearing that the UK will leave the EU without any agreement on trading between borders. This will significantly affect the logistics industry.

According to the Freight Transportation Association (FTA), this might cause problems for companies that rely on EU workers. Seasonal employees, in particular, are essential such as those that operate heavy-duty goods vehicles, with as much as 52,000 vacant positions currently vacant.

Hard Brexit

FTA head of skills Sally Gibson said that uncertainty over the impact of a hard Brexit should be cleared as soon as possible. A complicated process for hiring EU workers will be problematic for many logistics service providers, especially now that online retail continues to expand in the country.

At the same time, companies will have to invest in new resources such as an automatic skate track system. These new investments will ensure that they will remain competitive and flexible. Adapting to the changes by improving operational efficiency and logistics processes will be important, particularly for international firms that have cross-country trading in the EU.

Logistics Concerns

It’s not just migrant workers who will be harder to find once Brexit officially takes place. Some of the significant issues bothering many logistic companies include a complicated trading process between the country and the EU.

Whether or not the UK takes the hard route for its departure, the need to have an efficient logistics service British logistic companies have to be creative when finding an answer for a shortage of skills, even if it means hiring a staffing agency. New equipment and systems should also be in place to remain competitive. How are you planning for Brexit?

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