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To Sit or Not to Sit: Challenging the Long-Term Effects of Sitting

Sitting in BrisbaneSitting, they say, is the new smoking of today’s generation. This comes from the scientific conclusion that extended sitting slows down the body’s metabolism, negatively affecting things in the body like good cholesterol levels. This lack of physical activity, furthermore, is associated with increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

While most studies suggest that sitting for hours is bad, new research challenges this notion. A study from the University of Exeter in the U.K. notes that there is no evidence that sitting is associated with an increased risk of early death. Couch potatoes, however, should not rejoice. Although sitting for long term is not bad for health, lack of movement certainly is.

Lack of Activity

Rather than from sitting itself, scientists claim that absence or lack of activity has negative health effects. This doesn’t mean, however, that not sitting for prolonged periods is not beneficial to the heart and overall health. The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop says that encouraging people to get moving and become active through cycling is ideal. Technically, you sit on a bike, but it provides you with benefits your body will appreciate.

Getting Active

Many bike shops in Brisbane City support this advocacy by encouraging people to get active through cycling. Other vigorous intensity activity such as aerobics, jogging, and fast cycling are likewise beneficial for improving hearth health and countering the effects of lack of movement or sedentary lifestyle.

Little Movements

The impact of movement or physical activity can be significant, especially for those who want to lose weight or increase their energy levels. Those who watch television, for instance, can avoid lack of movement by getting up during commercials or making a cup of coffee or tea. Those who work in an office can also go and talk to a colleague instead of sending an email.

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Whether sitting for long periods is bad or not, the only thing that’s clear is that regular physical activity, along with proper diet, is good for health. For those who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, engaging in sports and fitness activity is beneficial.

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