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To Parents: How You Can Exercise While on Your Morning Commute

How many parents wish they can exercise? You may be one of the many busy parents who hope they can slip even 30 minutes of exercise in their day, but then you remember that you have to bring your children to school. You have to finish chores and have to go to work, too. How can you exercise all your responsibilities then? You may want to consider using a cargo bike with a child carrier.

Bicycles with a Load Capacity

A cargo bike refers to bicycles that have a load capacity to haul items or people, and they make for great exercise machines while you go on about your day. MADSEN Cycles noted that you can easily find a cargo bike online, but do expect it to be quite heavy and large. The heaviness and the size lend to the challenge of a cargo bike, however, allowing you to truly get a workout out of cycling one.

Retain Your Morning Commute

As for its versatility, a cargo bike can perfectly fit morning commutes to school. You can easily drop your children off, even if they belong to different schools. Afterwards, you can go about your chores, which the load capacity can help with if you will buy groceries. Otherwise, you can simply cycle on to work.

Read About the Experiences of Others

Many parents in Boston have enjoyed the benefits of cycling a cargo bike for years now. They enjoy the exercise, the smooth commute, and intimate bonding with the family, not to mention the savings on gas. You can read their stories, and see if you will want a cargo bike yourself.

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What to Consider for a Cargo Bike

A cargo bike child carrier can cost anywhere from $2,000 to more than $4,000. You will have to consider how much load capacity you want and where you want the tubs to be. You may also consider an electric assist motor if you want to have an easier time pedaling several children along, especially on a hill.

Choose your cargo bike according to your commuting needs, and you can discover all the enjoyments that many cycling parents have already experienced.

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