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This is Why You Need to Choose Used Electric Cars over Gas-Powered Ones

electric cars topping up with battery chargeYour kid is now of legal driving age, and you begin thinking of purchasing a vehicle for them. You might think of buying used cars instead of new ones. Used cars certainly make great additions to a family’s fleet as a second or third car.

More Savings with Used Electric Cars

Now, aside from deciding on purchasing a used car, you may naturally think of purchasing a gas-powered car. Tyacke Motors, used cars expert in Provo, say that gas-powered cars can still come at hefty prices. Finding one that comes in great shape can be a challenge. Rather than used gas-powered cars, you can consider purchasing used electric cars instead.

Lower Prices

Used electric cars have the lowest prices at resales. You can find preowned Nissan Leafs priced under $9,000, for example. These low prices exclude Tesla’s Model S sedan and Model X SUV, however.

Better Quality

Regarding quality, used electric cars come in great shape. Old electric car models have limited range. Thus, previous owners tend to drive the cars for fewer miles than usual. With less mileage, you can assume that the cars experienced less wear and tear.

Durable Battery Packs

Electric cars come with expensive battery packs. Range degradation might worry you, but battery packs can last well over the 100,000-mile mark. Electric car manufacturers usually have at least eight-year warranties for battery packs.

Less Running Costs

Compared with gas-powered vehicles, electric cars cost less to run as well. Even with the low gasoline prices today, you can save hundreds of dollars when you run an electric car. Running costs can only reach the hundreds of electric cars.

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Fewer Maintenance Needs

Finally, you also save on the maintenance of an electric car. Electric cars have fewer parts than gas-powered ones. Electric cars rely on an electric motor and use a single-speed transmission. Forget about oil changes, transmission servicing, spark plugs, and other conventional servicing.

Based on these factors alone, used electric cars make great purchases. You can purchase one at a used cars Provo dealership, and have your teenager drive it.

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