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The Legacy of Subaru

Subaru Legacy White

The name an automaker gives a car needs to embody everything about the vehicle; the design, its capabilities, and even its projected appeal. A lot of thought goes into giving a model a name, and when you give it something like “Legacy”, you better be sure it lives up to the billing.

When someone calls something their legacy, they’re making a declaration – this is what we’re going to be remembered for. This is a statement Subaru made when they released the first of their Legacy series back in 1989. A declaration that seems to be holding true, as the Legacy became, and remains, Subaru’s flagship vehicle.

A Tradition of Innovation

The mid-sized compact was built to compete in the North American market against the Honda Accord,the Nissan Altima, and the Toyota Camry. High performance variants were also available to challenge the compact executive class, which included the Alfa Romeo 159, the Audi A4, and the BMW 3 Series.

The Legacy was unlike any other Subaru that came before it, as it broke from many of the automaker’s traditions. The most important of these changes was the switch from the Subaru EA engine to the flat-4 Subaru EJ series, which were quieter and more powerful.

There have been several generations of Subaru Legacies through the years, with each introducing a different innovation that made the vehicle worthy of its name. The car is currently in its sixth generation, and the 2016 Legacy has more features that are worth noting and remembering Subaru for.

An Extra Set of Eyes

The difference begins with the design; the new Legacy has several features that highlight the automaker’s focus on comfort and performance. The list includes the in-vehicle Pandora Subaru Starlink Connected Services, Bluetooth, Satellite radio, voice-activated GPS, rear-vision cameras, and dual zone climate controls.

The biggest addition and what truly sets the 2016 Legacy apart from any other vehicles in the market is the Eyesight Driver Assist. It’s a deceptively simple concept that can potentially save hundreds of lives in the coming years. The system uses two cameras mounted on the rearview mirror to monitor traffic and can react to conditions even before the driver does.

The system will sound an alarm along with a visual warning whenever it senses danger of a collision. It can save lives through a pre-collision braking system that applies
the brakes if the driver doesn’t. The system also has lane keep assist, which provides gentle steering input to keep the vehicle centered when the driver inadvertently starts swaying off the lane.

Subaru Legacy Red

A Fitting Legacy

It’s these kinds of innovations that set vehicles like the Legacy apart from the rest of the market, and makes them worthy of their name. Subaru didn’t foresee the success of this vehicle when they made it back in the late 80s. But, they have done everything in their power to ensure that it’s a vehicle that drivers will remember them for. This model is on top of the list when talking about old or used cars from the brand.

The 2016 Legacy is a car that’s worth taking note of in the coming year, as its performance on the market will determine the fate of the new technology it offers.

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