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The Importance of Excavators at Construction Site

ExcavatorExcavators have always been considered as a multi-function workhorse of every construction project. It is extremely rare for any construction project not to have an excavator around to perform some tasks on their construction sites.

Check out any construction site, whether roads, bridges, or buildings, and you will see one or two excavators there digging the earth away.  How to Specialist said that digging is essential to ensure the durability and rigidity of the whole construction. Excavators are the mainstays of most, if not all, construction projects. In fact, there are some types of construction work, like small-scale projects that could do without a crane, but never without an excavator. What makes the excavator so important?

Fast Diggers

Every building needs a strong foundation that can support the entire structure for a lifetime. Foundation construction often starts by digging into the ground and laying all the reinforced bars to be later filled with concrete. Construction Knowledge mentioned that the construction supervisor would be looking into this stage, where the foundations of the site are prepared. Though foundations may not be that deep, it can still take a worker manually digging with a spade anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, maybe even more. With excavators, the same task would not last more than 3 minutes, or about a tenth of the time it will take for manual labour.

Swift Breakers

Some areas in construction sites may have leftover concrete slabs or huge stones that cannot easily be extracted by dozers in their current state. To resolve this situation, construction companies would hire excavators from companies like Cates Brothers, remove their buckets and outfit them with pneumatic drills. They would then proceed to break the concrete slabs or huge stones into smaller pieces so they could be easily removed by either a regular excavator or dozers. Though construction companies can use workers armed with jackhammers to perform the same task, it requires lengthy work and is highly risky. Under the circumstance, a modified excavator is the best option.


Fully Versatile

Excavators can shift from one task to the next, that is, assume the role of other equipment like cranes and dozers. It can lift and carry heavy materials like concrete culverts from one place to the next much like what a crane would do. It can also be fitted with a blade or a metal plate and assume the role of a dozer. It can also function as a loader by scooping up earth or debris from a pile and loading them on a dump truck. These many functions of the excavator make them a construction workhorse that every project should have.

The agility by which an excavator performs its tasks, combined with its multi-role capability, makes it the equipment that construction sites cannot do without. Even without the presence of other equipment like cranes or dozers, you can complete some required construction tasks using an excavator.

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