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3 Ways to Ensure Safety in Construction Sites

With a risk score of 17.68, a fatality record of 31 people and 11,535 serious injuries in 2014, construction is the third most dangerous job in Australia. As such, vigilance in the workplace must be practiced to ensure the health and safety of the workers. Accidents and fatalities could be avoided through awareness and practice of safety […]

Motoring Express

Accident Prevention: Why You Need Assistance from a Rigging Company


Injury due to falling objects is one of the most common accidents in the construction industry. The same may be true for any industry that does a lot of heavy lifting. There is always a risk that something will snap or fall when hauling heavy loads at a work site. A good rigging company can […]

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What to Look For When Hiring Excavators and Their Machines

excavators in Perth

Sometimes, people who are in need of equipment services neglect the most important matter to consider while getting the deal. Big machines, as apparent as they may be, are also as complicated as the next one in line. You cannot just choose the first thing that you see just because you think it can manage […]