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Hyped Up

Car Repair: 3 Sure Ways to Save Cash

Most car owners dread repairs, as these¬†are expensive and time-consuming affairs. However, you do not have to worry since there are some practical tips which you can follow to ensure that you save a significant amount of cash. Be a savvy buyer. One of the factors that make your car repairs costly is the cost […]

Motoring Express

Things to Consider when Looking for an Auto Repair Shop

You might have come across a good number of people who advertise repair services all over the place. With that, you may need to have some basic information on auto repairs that will help you sift the best from the good and the bad. Who knows, you might need an immediate wheel alignment services in […]

On the Radar

What Should You Do When Road Mishaps Strike?

Car Accident Perth

Road accidents are avoidable, but sometimes, several factors come together to make them happen. If you ever find yourself in a road mishap, do you know what to do? According to data released by the Western Australia Police, about 107 people have died in road-related accidents as of September 2015. Critical injuries, on the other […]