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On the Radar

Vehicle Fuel Filters: Types and Purposes

Car maintenance

If you feel your car is sluggish and using more gas, the problem could be a clogged or restricted fuel filter. Fuel might contain sediments, which can find their way to the fuel tank from the pump. Debris can also enter your tank when you remove your gas cover. Some vehicles have several filters while others […]

Motoring Express

Common Car Troubles: 3 Ways to Resolve Them with Ease

Car ownership doesn’t end with you buying nor driving it. It involves commitment and responsibility, which accounts for regular maintenance service. That’s if you want to enjoy the benefits of having one. As time goes by, however, it is unavoidable to encounter troubles within your car’s engine. Many of these issues are due to mishandling […]

Motoring Express

5 Smart Tips to Keep Your Car Running Longer / 5 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

As cost of living rises, buying a new car may seem impractical. Good thing there are smart ways to maintain your old car. Try these simple suggestions  to keep it running some extra years more. Make Friends with a Good Mechanic A skilled mechanic is your best buddy to keep your car in good shape. […]

Under The Lights

Tired Tires: Obvious Signs Your Tires are About to Give up

For obvious reasons, tires are among the most important parts of your car. They’re also the first components to experience the wear and tear brought about by your mobility. As such, you need to invest in durable and high-quality ones from the get-go. Just like any other car component, tires need to be replaced periodically. […]