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Hyped Up

For Millennials: Remember These 4 Car Dealer Tips

You’ve finally hit the legal driving age. Now you’re free to get and drive a car on your own. Before you go get one though, you need to realize some things: do you know what car you want? Can you afford it? Where can you buy it? How will you take care of it? These […]

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5 Ways to Negotiate Car Prices Properly

Heading off to buy a car that could match your budget and needs? Before you do, there are five rules you should learn and understand to negotiate the car prices successfully. Get to Know the Market Do a thorough research on the vehicle, including the current standing of the industry. Websites and online forums related […]

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Why You Should Buy Only a Car that’s Economical to Own

It’s important that you stick to a car you know, or at least a car that’s not costly to own, when you think about purchasing a vehicle. Unless you are looking to work on a project car, want to start collecting rare vehicles or are willing to spend lots of money on pricey cars and […]

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Why Buy a Chevy Traverse (Even if it’s a Second Hand)

Car Buying

If you’re planning to buy a car from used car dealers, why not choose a Chevrolet Traverse. Introduced in late 2009, this vehicle model might be what you and your family needs. With its safety features and comfortable seating, Blossom Chevrolet and other vehicle dealers say that it’s worth the money. It is one of the few that combines […]