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Industry Trends

More Americans are Driving Motorcycles: Here’s How to Make Your Shop Ready

Mechanic working on a motorbike

While Americans still love their cars, there are also a growing number of motorcycle riders. According to the Bureau of Transport Statistics, the registrations grew 75% from 1997 to 2006. It went up from no more than four million to over six million in about a decade. For an auto body shop, it offers a golden opportunity […]

Under The Lights

New Auto Repair Shop: Know These 6 Things Before Opening

Many people aspire to run their own business and be their own boss at some point in time. Some choose to get into the food service industry, while others go for rental properties. Your desire to run your own auto repair shop can also be within reach although it is important to know what you […]

Hyped Up

Not Just a Need for Speed: The Most Commonly Repaired and Replaced Vehicle Parts

Yes, every auto repair shop is different. Some specialize in overhaul repairs, while there are also specialists in individual parts. But, according to JMC Equipment, a provider of challenger auto lifts, a good repair shop always has the right kind of quirks. It doesn’t matter if your shop prioritizes the engine alone; you’ll also want […]