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Should I Switch to Bigger Tires?

tiresBigger tires and wheels give vehicles a grander and more aggressive appearance, that’s why automakers install them on vehicles for car shows and concept cars. However, there are various factors to consider when changing tire size—from how it would ride and whether your auto insurance provider would allow you to make such a huge modification on your vehicle. To help you decide below are some disadvantages and advantages to using broader tires:

The Advantages:

  • Because bigger tires have a smaller footprint and are shorter than narrow tires, they provide you with more speed.
  • Handling is also easier with broader tires since they allow you to brake in shorter distances.
  • Bigger tires help in braking distance because it offers increased rolling resistance, and this applies in both dry and wet conditions, explains a tire specialist from a top auto service center in Salt Lake City.
  • Bigger tires are more prone to aquaplaning at reduced speeds than narrow tires, meaning that you could lose friction, consequently control of your vehicle, more easily with bigger tires.
  • During adverse weather conditions like deep snow, for example, bigger tires simply lack the efficiency of narrow tires because the latter are more capable of cutting through snow and reaching the surface of the road more quickly and easily.
  • Broader tires are allegedly not as comfortable or quiet as narrow tires. However, some users of broader tires point out that this could be remedied by using allow wheels with broader tires.

Also, if you already have a vehicle, you could just purchase aftermarket tire and wheel packages that would help in improving ride comfort. If you’re still undecided about bigger tires, you could try buying slightly bigger tires and wheels than your vehicle’s original ones provided that it doesn’t exceed an inch. For instance, you could upgrade from 17-inch wheels to 18-inch wheels, and then test if this upgrade would be enough for your needs.

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It’s also crucial to know that before shopping for broader tires to replace your narrow ones, speak to your auto insurance provider first. The would have to evaluate whether going for bigger tires would affect your risk factor, including theft of the tires, wheels, and/or your car, and the risk of negatively impacting the handling and ride of your car. Once you’re done speaking with your insurer, you could then consult a tire specialist and look at the many different options available to you.

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