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Recycled Car Parts: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Auto PartsThere are car parts that are easy to buy second hand, such as light assemblies and body panels. So long as they look good, they can be of use. Parts that do not have moving components, such as the wiper fluid reservoirs are also safe to buy second hand. Interior panels and parts are also easy to check, so no worries there. But, what about the engine and suspension parts? Should you buy pre-owned parts?

The first thing to remember is not to buy any consumable item, or parts that need replacing regularly. The problem with these consumable parts is they might look in good nick off the shelf, but you will never know how far along it is in its life already. It could already be on its last legs, and buying it would only be a waste of money.

For the engine, parts such as the belts and engine mounts are examples of consumable parts. They are rubber parts that wear over use and need replacing from time to time. It may be cheaper to buy, but the labor cost — not to mention the time and hassle — of replacing it after a short time is not worth it.

For the suspension system, grommets, bushings, and shock absorbers are consumable. These are the parts that move about to cushion and absorb bumps and road impact. As JTW Autoparts notes, some of these parts take a bad beating every day. Avoid parts that are notoriously fragile for the car. If it’s a part that usually breaks, chances are that you won’t find a good one second hand.

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As for the rest of the car, buying recycled car parts is a viable and safe option. After all, manufacturers design major parts to last the whole lifetime of the car. There are reputable sellers of recycled car parts in Perth where you can get quality parts.

For the same price, the quality of a used OEM part will always be better than a brand new replacement part from a third party manufacturer. Just always remember to be thorough when inspecting the part you plan to buy.

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