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Privacy Policy

Everyone at Autoboardz is aware of the concerns most people have with the safety of their information online, and we want to assure everyone that we will treat their personal data with the utmost respect. Please read this page carefully as it will explain why our website needs to collect information from readers, as well as how we intend to use what we gather.

Why Collect Data From Readers?

Our website automatically identifies a user with cookies as a means of tracking how they use our site. We want to quickly identify which second hand car stories get the most traffic and see exactly what we did right. This will allow us to implement positive changes across the rest of the site to improve its performance, as well as create a better online experience for users.

Who Gets to See my Information?

Only the technical staff of Autoboardz will be able to see the activity of our users. Editorial staff only need to know what they need to do as far as the style and information that they need to include in their articles, which the technical team can advise. This means that only a fraction of our own people will be able to see the data our users provide.

Are There Other Ways Our Information can be used?

Autoboardz is a community information website, and as such, we encourage collaboration with our users and readers regarding ideas they might want to add to the discussion of good cars or long-term use vehicles. Go to our Write Us page for more information regarding that.

In order for any collaboration to move forward though, we will need to record an interested user’s contact information. This is the only reason we would save a user’s personal data beyond their on-site activity.