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Powering Up Your RV: How Much Electricity Do You Need?

Interior of a Recreation VehicleOur regular electricity needs when traveling is often limited to 5V for charging phones and 12V for running car electronics. Extended trips might force you to throw in a DC/AC inverter that will give you the 110-120V you need to charge your laptop. RV enthusiasts might prefer a permanent 120V AC wiring to power all those extra amenities you need to survive the road or the RV park.

RV owners in Corpus Christi have two options when it comes to adding that critical AC line. They can have an extra pack of batteries and a robust DC/AC, or have a dedicated AC generator.

Using a DC/AC Inverter

DC/AC inverters feed on your RV’s battery power (12V DC) and convert it into the AC you need to run appliances like coffee makers, TVs, laptops and other home electronics you might have fitted in your RV.

Since such a circuit draws immensely from the battery, it is wise to run the power inverter from a secondary battery bank. This ensures that your primary battery will always be full and ready to crank your car when you are ready to leave.

If you want to run your AC circuits off a battery bank, consider doing an alternator upgrade to increase how fast you charge your batteries when the RV is running, or invest in solar panels to charge the extra battery bank.

Running AC off a Generator

This is by far the most efficient way since a dedicated AC generator will produce more electricity and is more versatile. You could use a stand-alone generator or go for an onboard AC generator that runs off the engine. You can also use this when you are on the road.

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Having both options available on your RV will help you leverage the unique benefits of each solution. The DC/AC inverter system is silent and ideal for night use while the powerful AC generators, though noisy, will give you the power you need to run heavy equipment like microwaves, electric kettles, iron boxes or electric ovens.

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