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Pedaling Along: Here’s How You Get Started on Biking as a Family

outdoor family bondingBikes have come a long way since their invention and despite it having only two wheels; a bike can be a means for family bonding. But if you think that cycling as a family has to wait until your children are older and have bikes of their own, then think again.

Gone are the days of having to have your own bikes just to bond as a family. Different bikes such as cargo bikes and family bikes make it possible for a parent and small children to travel around in style. But if you need any more convincing, then here are some tips to set you on the path to family biking fun.

Family Time on Two Wheels

Taking your whole family biking can spark an early interest in kids — especially when they are little. There are plenty of aftermarket products like child seats or trailers available today that will help you do this. This will help make things easier when the time comes to teach them to ride their own bikes.

Cycling is also an easy way to get from one place to another. Instead of taking a car, try cycling with the family. Take your children out using a family bike or a bike seat and show them how much fun and better for the environment cycling is.

Safety First

Keep in mind that biking with small children is not like biking with a buddy or a cycling club. By law, you must equip your child with their own helmet and that the helmet must fit snugly. Your child must also be securely seated in the bike whether it’s in their own seat or a trailer.

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Trail picking also comes into consideration when it comes to safety. Pick a route that is easy to navigate and fairly smooth. This way, you can avoid accidents while en route and not have a difficult time during the journey.

Family time doesn’t just mean staying indoors now. With these tips, you can pedal your way to family — and environmentally — friendly fun.

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