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Hyped Up

To Parents: How You Can Exercise While on Your Morning Commute

How many parents wish they can exercise? You may be one of the many busy parents who hope they can slip even 30 minutes of exercise in their day, but then you remember that you have to bring your children to school. You have to finish chores and have to go to work, too. How can you exercise all your...

Industry Trends

Here’s How Your Business Can Take Advantage of the Dallas Traffic

Cars stuck in heavy traffic

In a city where approximately 64,500 businesses exist, competition can be really tough for Dallas businesses owners, especially those who operate smaller or start-up establishments. This doesn’t mean that you no longer have a way to compete; there are plenty of creative ways to get your brand known,...

Under The Lights

4 Valuable Reminders for Search and Rescue Teams

In times of natural disasters and other tragedies, search and rescue teams are very valuable. The members of these teams are usually the only ones capable of reaching the most dangerous and remote areas. With that said, they are just people, and as such, it’s possible for them to forget important...

Hyped Up

Car Repair: 3 Sure Ways to Save Cash

Most car owners dread repairs, as these are expensive and time-consuming affairs. However, you do not have to worry since there are some practical tips which you can follow to ensure that you save a significant amount of cash. Be a savvy buyer. One of the factors that make your car repairs costly is...

Latest News

Report: Colorado’s Growing Population Bodes Well for Car Industry

a car

Business seemed strong for an auto body shop in Parker, CO like Parker Auto, or an auto mechanic in Denver, as the number of new and used car sales in the state rose between January and November 2017. A Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) report showed that a growing migrant population helped...

Under The Lights

Trucks & Trailers: A Lowdown On Trailers That Trucks Usually Tow

Talk about trucks and what immediately comes to mind are those lumbering behemoths on the road that, for all we know, will transform to Optimus Prime at any second. But seriously, those are, but one of the different kinds of trucks, and a lot of them are designed to pull a trailer to transport goods...

On the Radar

Common Signs of a Faulty Clutch

Foot pressing the brake pedal of a car

For a manual car to remain functional, the clutch is engaged and disengaged frequently when changing gears. Frequent contamination of the oil or riding the clutch for an extended period will make it fail eventually. Below are common signs of a faulty clutch. Slipping clutch A slipping clutch does not...

Under The Lights

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Ventilation Systems in 6 Steps

Ventilation systems on the roof

Moisture plus darkness is the perfect combination to grow mold, and nobody wants that. Mold that develops in your air conditioning systems has dangerous effects on your health. Asthma, headache, chest tightness, and skin irritation are just a few of the things that can come from inhaling mold from...

On the Radar

Planning to Rent a Vacuum Truck? Follow These Easy Steps

vacuum truck along the highway

You have many responsibilities to handle in your company and this time around, renting a vacuum truck has been added to your list. Fortunately, renting a vacuum truck hire doesn’t involve a difficult process. Let this serve as your guide, so you can concentrate eventually on your primary tasks...

Hyped Up

North Island Senior Travel: How Should One Move Around?

With a fatter pay cheque and more available time, the baby boomers will be travelling often. According to AARP Research, more than 48 per cent of them will be packing their bags in 2018. Most of them will not be bringing their work. It means these vacations will be all about fun. Senior travelling,...