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Under The Lights

Trucks & Trailers: A Lowdown On Trailers That Trucks Usually Tow

Talk about trucks and what immediately comes to mind are those lumbering behemoths on the road that, for all we know, will transform to Optimus Prime at any second. But seriously, those are, but one of the different kinds of trucks, and a lot of them are designed to pull a trailer to transport goods...

On the Radar

Common Signs of a Faulty Clutch

Foot pressing the brake pedal of a car

For a manual car to remain functional, the clutch is engaged and disengaged frequently when changing gears. Frequent contamination of the oil or riding the clutch for an extended period will make it fail eventually. Below are common signs of a faulty clutch. Slipping clutch A slipping clutch does not...

Under The Lights

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Ventilation Systems in 6 Steps

Ventilation systems on the roof

Moisture plus darkness is the perfect combination to grow mold, and nobody wants that. Mold that develops in your air conditioning systems has dangerous effects on your health. Asthma, headache, chest tightness, and skin irritation are just a few of the things that can come from inhaling mold from...

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Planning to Rent a Vacuum Truck? Follow These Easy Steps

vacuum truck along the highway

You have many responsibilities to handle in your company and this time around, renting a vacuum truck has been added to your list. Fortunately, renting a vacuum truck hire doesn’t involve a difficult process. Let this serve as your guide, so you can concentrate eventually on your primary tasks...

Hyped Up

North Island Senior Travel: How Should One Move Around?

With a fatter pay cheque and more available time, the baby boomers will be travelling often. According to AARP Research, more than 48 per cent of them will be packing their bags in 2018. Most of them will not be bringing their work. It means these vacations will be all about fun. Senior travelling,...

Latest News

Florida City to Use License Plate Readers to Thwart Car Theft

Used written on car plate

The City of Boynton Beach in Florida plans to deter car theft by using 23 license plate readers, which authorities will install on traffic intersections. For those who plan on buying a used GMC for sale in Bradenton from dealers such as SRQ Auto LLC, these devices will help police officers not just to...

Latest News

Waterjet Machines: An Impressive Cutting Technology

Waterjet Cutting Machine

The serious improvements in technology have made material cutting both an art and science. Part makers, equipment manufacturers, designers, and construction professionals now have a wider array of choices when it comes to designing, producing, or sourcing the materials they need for various projects. One...

On the Radar

4 Brilliant Tips To Upgrade Your Auto Shop

Sure, you would like to be the best in your league of auto shop owners. You might want to consider some practical ideas on how you can catch up with your counterparts. Here are some handy tips and tricks to do so. Learn to make bold moves If you wish to make the most of your market and later dominate,...

Motoring Express

How to Stay Safe When Renting a Car

Car rent driver

Are you planning a trip with your relatives and don’t have the vehicle for it? Is taking the public transport a bit taxing for your event? Do not fret; you have many car rental options in Manila, Philippines that can give you good rates and quality vehicles so you can drive your way around the...

Hyped Up

Auckland Trip Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

Lady sitting on boot of car parked on side of road

A jet fuel crisis at Auckland Airport has affected several flights and thousands of passengers. Experts advised not to book any flights unless it is essential. Thankfully, this does not mean you cannot make any travel plans, as there is still plenty of ground to cover around Auckland i​f you have the...