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Under The Lights

What You Should Do Before Selling Your Car For Scrap

Row of used cars

If you have an old vehicle gathering dust in your garage, chances are that it’s old and repairing the car will be more costly than buying a new one. You might think of selling it, but the number of buyers looking for an old car is not particularly large. There is, however, a group of people looking...

On the Radar

This is Why You Need to Choose Used Electric Cars over Gas-Powered Ones

Your kid is now of legal driving age, and you begin thinking of purchasing a vehicle for them. You might think of buying used cars instead of new ones. Used cars certainly make great additions to a family’s fleet as a second or third car. More Savings with Used Electric Cars Now, aside from deciding...

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Top Things to Consider When Buying Auto Parts

Finding the best auto part supplier can be challenging because some companies have better offers than the others. The multitude of options and variations available make the job even more difficult. If you have been struggling to find the best auto parts in Tauranga, Sheaff Vehicles notes that considering...

Motoring Express

Your Quick Guide to Finding a Reliable Car Dealer

When you want a good car, you’ve got to find a reliable car dealer. A good car dealer will help you find the right car that suits your needs, budget, and other specifications. But finding a good dealership may prove to be quite difficult, especially if you do not know where to start. Thankfully, there...

Industry Trends

An Insight on Black Duck Seat Covers

Many people consider Black Duck in Australia as a leading brand in the fabrication of seat covers. You could get made-to-order designs to suit your specific needs and car model. A Black Duck denim seat cover is popular for its comfort and stability. Below are some key features to expect from the...

Industry Trends

Ford Ranger Leads Sales of Pickup Trucks in Asia-Pacific

Drivers in the Asia-Pacific region preferred the Ford Ranger more than any other pickup truck for the first half of 2017, as sales for the vehicle rose 21% year over year. The increase represented 63,525 units during the six-month period. MFI Service Bodies added that it included a record number of...

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How to Really Choose the Right Car for Your Lifestyle

Man smiling in his new car

Sedans, hatches, minivans, SUVs and crossovers, pickups, convertibles – there are just so many vehicles you can choose from these days. For each type of vehicle, you will also find subcategories based on size, such as full-size, compact, subcompact, and micro-compact. Then there are the engine...

Motoring Express

Buying a Car Abroad: Benefits and Advantages

Line of cars for sale

Military personnel have the unique benefit of being able to purchase a car overseas at a fixed cost and usually tax-free. Capitol Motors helps you find out how you could buy a vehicle outside the US at a fixed price. Buy early or buy now Though no specific date requires military service personnel...

Industry Trends

Primary Benefits Of Advertisements On Wheels

Truck on a Highway

Vehicle wraps have numerous advantages and are evidently excellent advertising tools. For the companies that consider this service, they can portray professionalism to their customers. With so many fly-by-night companies around, the majority of customers prefer seeking the help of service providers who...

Industry Trends

Keep Your 4WD Car Seats Looking and Performing Great

Seat cover

Like everything else on your 4WD, your seats have a design that makes it stronger and more resistant than those you’ll find on regular or standard vehicles. 4WDs go on tougher and rougher drives, so they need every part to be durable.However, this doesn’t automatically mean the factory or stock...