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Stay on the Safer Side with Well-Maintained Car Brakes

Safe Driving in Utah

Stay on the Safer Side with Well-Maintained Car Brakes Did you know that more than 95% of vehicular accidents in the US are due to a driver’s error or failure of  car parts to function efficiently?  Car brake failure, for example, coupled with the driver’s improper behavior could spark accidents...

Industry Trends

The Ingenuity of Man: Invention of the Wheel


Cars and trains would not have been invented without this “technology.” Mundane and ordinary as they may be, this particular invention continues to shape and make a difference in the lives of mankind. From training wheels to Asanti wheels sold by companies such as, these inventions...

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What to Look For When Hiring Excavators and Their Machines

excavators in Perth

Sometimes, people who are in need of equipment services neglect the most important matter to consider while getting the deal. Big machines, as apparent as they may be, are also as complicated as the next one in line. You cannot just choose the first thing that you see just because you think it can manage...

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Dealing with Your Car’s Blind Spots

car mirror

Blind spots, the areas around your vehicle that a person cannot see while driving, are one of the most common causes of car accidents. You might be changing lanes, reversing, or turning at an intersection, and not notice another vehicle approaching from your blind spot. Everyone needs to learn how to...

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Tire Juggling: Rotating Truck Rubber

Rotating Tires

Tire rotation isn’t hard to understand — mechanics switch the places of the tires to ensure that there’s an even amount of tread wear across all the tires. Rear wheels go to the front, and vice versa; there are of course a couple of ways people can do this, and they’re easy enough to follow....

Industry Trends

Beyond Air Conditioners: Cooling Your Car in the Summer


The hot climate in Australia poses as a threat to motorists. The glare from the car-next-lane and the excessive heat can weaken the most hydrated driver and the stall the coolest car. If you don’t want your car to overheat this summer, JTW Autoparts shares several maintenance and practical tips you...

On the Radar

People Don’t Trust the EPA

A new survey released by American Automobile Association (AAA) revealed that one in three people don’t trust the posted city, highway, and combined miles per gallon numbers listed for their vehicle. The fuel economy numbers are the estimates made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of how...

Motoring Express

The Electric Pickup Truck May be Over the Horizon

Recent sales data indicate that trucks are still among the most popular vehicles in the automotive industry, prompting several new players to enter the segment and diversify the product line. Automakers across the board are feeling optimistic enough to continue production on their truck lines. Even Ford,...

Hyped Up

Environmental Awareness Hitting the Second-Hand Automotive Market

Dealers and industry analysts are noticing higher demands for eco-friendly and hybrid vehicles in the second hand automotive market. This is a small but exciting step for proponents of the environmental transport movement. Multiple dealerships across the country are reporting more requests from customers...

Industry Trends

Startups Try to Improve the Car Buying Process

Three online startup companies are attempting to improve the car buying process for second-hand cars by making the process as transparent as possible. The traditional means of buying second hand cars through dealerships has never had a good reputation. According to surveys interviewing more than two...