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Pedaling Along: Here’s How You Get Started on Biking as a Family

outdoor family bonding

Bikes have come a long way since their invention and despite it having only two wheels; a bike can be a means for family bonding. But if you think that cycling as a family has to wait until your children are older and have bikes of their own, then think again. Gone are the days of having to have your...

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Plan a Romantic Road Trip with These Tricks

Couple on a road trip

It’s a challenge to keep up with the pressures of life. We’re always too busy with something: university, a job interview or a house renovation project, to know what we’re missing out on. Sometimes, having a full schedule can affect the romance in our relationships. Spending quality time with your...

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Giving to Charity: Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

You’ve probably heard about celebrities and big tycoons donating thousands of dollars to multiple charitable organizations. Sometimes they even help with cash donations when a big calamity or disaster happens. Do situations like these make you wish you could do the same? Well, you don’t need...

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Oil Sludge: What it is and How to Prevent its Buildup

Men cleaning oil spill

If you have a petroleum tank, a problem you may be experiencing or want to avoid is tank sludge. This can become a nuisance, especially if you leave it as is. It’s not an exaggeration, but you should get petroleum recovery and sludge treatment services immediately if this happens. What causes sludge...

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4 Tips to Beautify Your Yard

If you are the type of person who obsesses over how your house looks, you know how important your yard is. Even when it is not among the first parts of the house that you show to guests, just the sight of a dirty and messy yard can leave a bad impression in the minds of your visitors. This is why some...

Industry Trends

Should I Switch to Bigger Tires?

Bigger tires and wheels give vehicles a grander and more aggressive appearance, that’s why automakers install them on vehicles for car shows and concept cars. However, there are various factors to consider when changing tire size—from how it would ride and whether your auto insurance provider would...

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Why You Need to Change Your Oil Regularly

Hand Pouring Oil on Engine

Whether you’re driving a new or second-hand car, routine vehicle maintenance is necessary to ensure it runs optimally. Performing an oil change is one of the regular practices that you should embrace, stress car specialists from Pinecrest Shell in Alexandria, VA. Protect Engine Parts An engine...

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A Charitable Drive: How Donating Your Car Can Help Multiple Charities

Did you know that you can donate a car to help a charity? For this to work, cars are donated to organizations, who will then separate those in good condition from those that need repairs. Functional cars will then get sold at events or auctions, while those in bad condition will likely be refurbished....

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Mechanics Check These 6 Essential Parts of Your Car

Congratulations, you just bought a new car! Before you can fully enjoy driving it though, have you brushed up on the essential parts of your vehicle? Knowing how your car works will allow you to keep up with the auto mechanic instead of just being clueless. Here are the six essential parts of your ride...

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Franchise or Independent: Which Is Better for an Auto Shop Business?

An automotive business serves as a good way for those who want to make money out of their love for cars, but planning to set up a shop requires more than just enthusiasm. Choosing between a franchised business and sole proprietorship is one of the several things to consider for aspiring auto shop owners....