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Road Diaries: What You Should Do During an Emergency Vehicle Breakdown

Vehicle breakdowns may happen anytime, anywhere. This is not only frustrating, but can also be dangerous, especially if you are on a busy highway.  Here are some things you need to know whenever you face a sudden vehicle breakdown emergency:Move off the road immediately.If you notice something...

Industry Trends

Deciding Between Forged or Cast Wheels


One of the greatest inventions of mankind is the wheel. It has enabled people to go far. It’s the use of wheels that made the world a little smaller, work somewhat easier, and life better. Wheels are what people use to make carts, bicycles, trains, and automobiles. You see all kinds of wheels on vehicles,...

Industry Trends

Nissan Skyline: Forbidden in America But Loved in New Zealand

Nissan Skyline

The Nissan Skyline is one of the most prized and sought-after cars in modern automotive history. Some experts proclaim it as one of the best, but not all car enthusiasts across the globe are familiar with or will get to experience this beautiful ride. The Japanese sports car series began production in...

Industry Trends

Off Road Lights for 4×4: Keep Your Vehicle Safe and Looking Great

Off Road Lights for 4x4

Thanks to the exceptional intellect of inventors and scientists, human beings, despite having poor night vision, can still see clearly in the dark; a must for night-time driving. Besides the standard driving lights,  4×4 (FWD) add-on lighting systems are now widely used. Upgrade your four wheel...

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What Should You Do When Road Mishaps Strike?

Car Accident Perth

Road accidents are avoidable, but sometimes, several factors come together to make them happen. If you ever find yourself in a road mishap, do you know what to do? According to data released by the Western Australia Police, about 107 people have died in road-related accidents as of September 2015. Critical...

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A Brand New Car: Letting Go of Your First Love


Men love automobiles, that’s all there is to it. Even men who know nothing about cars love them. And the relationship between a man and his ride is something that most women will never understand. Owning one is a very big deal in a man’s life. In fact, the first car he owns — most likely a clunker...

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Paint It on Fibreglass: Prepping and Choosing the Right Type of Paint

Fibreglass Painting

Fibreglass is a dainty and sturdy material used for ornamental home items, vehicle frames and equipment for storage. When painted with suitable hues, it can raise the aesthetic level of both the fibreglass item and the surface. Painting fibreglass can be tricky, though. Its surface is smooth and slippery,...

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Stay on the Safer Side with Well-Maintained Car Brakes

Safe Driving in Utah

Stay on the Safer Side with Well-Maintained Car Brakes Did you know that more than 95% of vehicular accidents in the US are due to a driver’s error or failure of  car parts to function efficiently?  Car brake failure, for example, coupled with the driver’s improper behavior could spark accidents...

Industry Trends

The Ingenuity of Man: Invention of the Wheel


Cars and trains would not have been invented without this “technology.” Mundane and ordinary as they may be, this particular invention continues to shape and make a difference in the lives of mankind. From training wheels to Asanti wheels sold by companies such as, these inventions...

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What to Look For When Hiring Excavators and Their Machines

excavators in Perth

Sometimes, people who are in need of equipment services neglect the most important matter to consider while getting the deal. Big machines, as apparent as they may be, are also as complicated as the next one in line. You cannot just choose the first thing that you see just because you think it can manage...