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Defining Antiques: What Makes an Old Item Valuable?

Antique Vase

The word “antique” is often misused. Sometimes, people who find old stuff from anywhere (which they deem valuable) may call their loot “antiques.” Not so fast, though. There’s a definite way to distinguish a real antique from two other related terms: vintage and retro. In general terms, any...

Industry Trends

Beyond Aesthetics: 3 Energy-Efficient Renovations for a Fixer-Upper


Buying a spacious fixer-upper has its advantages, though it will need a little elbow grease, a lot of time and quite a bit of additional funds to see it restored to its former glory. You are probably focusing on changing the wallpaper, hanging some art here and there and other cosmetic improvements....

Hyped Up

3 Considerations Before Your Long Drive

There is a liberating feeling that comes only with certain adventures like a trip abroad or a long road trip, either solitary or with friends. Road trips being long before the first mile as it takes a lot of planning, packing and saving up before the drive. Long drives, while fun, can be very taxing,...

Under The Lights

Biodiesel Kits: Taking Energy Matters into Your Own Hands

bio diesel fuel

The biodiesel industry allows the creation of an energy policy that is balanced. Making the transition from petrol to biodiesel is easy – it does not require any special fuelling equipment, allows better power, economy and performance, emits lesser amounts of carbon dioxide, and it has very less impact...

Motoring Express

Looks Pretty Simple But Concrete Barriers Save Lives

Let’s face it, road accidents give us the creeps. Thankfully, the Australian government’s sustained effort over the years has saved countless of lives along the way. Nonetheless, there’s much room for improvement as always. Great Britain’s drive to get steel out of the way in favour of concrete...

Latest News

How the Military Uses and Handles Depleted Uranium (DU)


Depleted uranium is an essential byproduct of any nation’s defense and power strategy. The public benefits from many materials that are derived from both the extraction and processing of uranium ore. Usage of depleted uranium is associated with its heavy density. Depleted uranium has a variety of uses...

Motoring Express

Accident Prevention: Why You Need Assistance from a Rigging Company


Injury due to falling objects is one of the most common accidents in the construction industry. The same may be true for any industry that does a lot of heavy lifting. There is always a risk that something will snap or fall when hauling heavy loads at a work site. A good rigging company can help minimize...

Industry Trends

Recycled Car Parts: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Auto Parts

There are car parts that are easy to buy second hand, such as light assemblies and body panels. So long as they look good, they can be of use. Parts that do not have moving components, such as the wiper fluid reservoirs are also safe to buy second hand. Interior panels and parts are also easy to check,...

On the Radar

What Does Lowering Your Car Do?

Lowered Car

Are you considering lowering your car? Doing so has cosmetic and performance advantages because of the lower center of gravity. Before implementing changes, however, you need to make certain modifications, from the wheels to the suspension, to complete the transformation. Ride Height Ride height or ground...

Under The Lights

Store Here, Store There: The Three Aspects of Storage Units

Storage Units in Perth

There will come a time when you need to utilise Perth storerooms for short or long haul stockpiling of belongings. Are all open Perth storerooms made equivalent? The answer is no. If this is the case, how will you know that you have the right storage option? Find out the things that will help you determine...