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Motoring Express

Simple Life Hacks to Repair Rust on Your Car

Keep your car looking great and functioning at its best. But, there are times when you can’t avoid from getting it damaged especially if you are always using it. When planning on reselling your car in the future, it is a good idea to maintain the appearance of the car surface because it will greatly...

Under The Lights

4 Preventive Care Tips for Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Garage doors are made to be sturdy, as they serve as a means of protection for the household. However, through continuous use, some of its mechanisms might not operate optimally, or worse, incur damage. You can keep your garage door in mint condition for long periods with a preventive care routine. Here...

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Recycled Oil’s Many Uses

Oil Production

Oil spills have a profound effect on the environment; it may destroy the habitats of marine life, damage the local economy and may even cause the spread of disease. The Negative Effects of Exposure to Oil Factories or tankers that dump oil do the most damage to the environment and animals. They lose...

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Nothing Like Hopping On Your Own Car to Get Around Australia

Cars in Perth

With highways that last forever and the Outback beaconing, Australia is one big adventure waiting to be discovered. You can hop on a bus to do so, or get into a cab if you’re in Sydney, in Perth or in some major city. But if you really want to get those adrenaline rides kicking in, driving your own...

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6 Ideas to Decorate a Boring Window

When affording your home a fresh new look without necessarily hurting your pocket, why not look at your window? Imagine the window of your house more like a frame. Whatever scene is outside you might as well enhance it or hide it. There is just so much you can do to decorate your window. Maybe the following...

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Ready to Snowboard? Tips for First-Timers


Excited for your first snowboarding experience? Before you tackle the snowy mountains, take a look at the following tips first. Learn the sport. As with any new sport, you have to commit to learning it first. While some sports are undoubtedly easy to learn and pick up right away, there are also sports...

On the Radar

The Definitive Sports Car: The 911

Classic Porsche

The 911 has been the best-selling model of the Porsche brand for 50 years now. It is, by all means, a legendary thing. First launched in 1963, it was immediately welcomed into the car world with open arms, and every model from then until today has established a strong following. It’s been so good,...

Motoring Express

Are You a Magnet for Accidents on the Road?

Road Accident in Australia

Apparently, your personality predicts the likelihood of your potential for car crashes. New research suggests that psychologists can predict your chances of getting involved in an accident. Surprisingly, they can do so by merely observing certain features of your personality. They need not meet you to...

Hyped Up

In Maximizing Current Automotive Technology, No One Does it Like Nissan

Hudiburg Nissan

The car, as it is, is perfect for most people’s current needs. It has the right amount of automated and manual features to ensure that the driver remains in control. That feel of authority is important, especially in operating a vehicle and enhancing the experience. Making a good impression aside,...

Hyped Up

Losing Sleep? The Truth About Bedbugs

Bed Bug

Bedbugs are a nuisance. No matter how advanced or luxurious your location is, bedbugs don’t care. They will multiply rapidly if you so much as take a couple home after staying in a hotel, dining at a restaurant, or visiting a friend’s house. They’re everywhere. Here are some facts about bedbugs: 1.No-one...