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Hyped Up

Environmental Awareness Hitting the Second-Hand Automotive Market

Dealers and industry analysts are noticing higher demands for eco-friendly and hybrid vehicles in the second hand automotive market. This is a small but exciting step for proponents of the environmental transport movement. Multiple dealerships across the country are reporting more requests from customers...

Industry Trends

Startups Try to Improve the Car Buying Process

Three online startup companies are attempting to improve the car buying process for second-hand cars by making the process as transparent as possible. The traditional means of buying second hand cars through dealerships has never had a good reputation. According to surveys interviewing more than two...

Latest News

Toyota Takes a Big Hit From Takata Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a massive recall of Takata airbags last month, causing Toyota to add another 1.37 million cars to their total U.S. recall numbers. Affected Vehicles The Takata recalls stem from faulty airbags inflators in both the passenger and driver...