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Oil Sludge: What it is and How to Prevent its Buildup

Men cleaning oil spillIf you have a petroleum tank, a problem you may be experiencing or want to avoid is tank sludge. This can become a nuisance, especially if you leave it as is. It’s not an exaggeration, but you should get petroleum recovery and sludge treatment services immediately if this happens.

What causes sludge and how do you detect it?

Sludge originates from the dirt found in oil. It can be a result of the oxidation of the hydrocarbons present in the oil, too. If your oil gets water contamination, micro-organism will thrive in your tank and form sludge together with other dirt.

It’s easy to identify sludge and, at times, it doesn’t require you to be a professional. Check the bottom with a torch. If you see a dark area, then chances are that’s sludge. You should also take note, however, that tank erosion can cause a similar dark appearance. Therefore, it’s still best to hire petroleum recovery services to test your fuel and to be sure that you’re dealing the sludge problem properly.

How do you prevent sludge?

• Replacing Your Old Tank
An old tank is susceptible to corrosion, which contributes to sludge. Consider getting another tank that will serve you for long before it starts degrading.

• Cleaning Your Tank
It’s best to clean the tank at least once a year. Don’t attempt to clean it by yourself, though. Professionals have the necessary equipment and techniques to do the task for you.

• Taking Your Tanks Indoors or Sheltering Your Tank
If the sludge in your tank results from water contamination, you may want to shift the tank indoors. If your tank is too large, you can build a shelter over it to prevent the entry of water in the tank.

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Sludge tends to degrade tanks and alter the quality of the stored oil. If you’re sure that it’s sludge you’re dealing with, consider getting petroleum recovery services for proper sludge treatment and to protect your tank. This process will also ensure you dispense clean oil throughout.

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