Senior Travel in North Island: What Is the Best Transport Option? |Senior Travel in North Island: What Is the Best Transport Option? || Auto Boardz
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North Island Senior Travel: How Should One Move Around?

senior woman holding a mapWith a fatter pay cheque and more available time, the baby boomers will be travelling often. According to AARP Research, more than 48 per cent of them will be packing their bags in 2018. Most of them will not be bringing their work. It means these vacations will be all about fun.

Senior travelling, however, has some unique challenges. These include the ability to commute. Fortunately, if they are in New Zealand, especially in the gorgeous North Island, they have many choices. It’s only a matter of choosing what’s best for you.


limousine for hire provides great value for money. It even shares some of the best features of cars and buses or coaches. It can accommodate more than five people, but it does not feel cramped.

Travellers can choose their itinerary while in some cases, their drivers can likewise serve as their tour guides. Moreover, this service is usually more personalised. For example, tours and prices can be tailor-made according to the client’s wishes and budget.


Rental cars are ideal if the tourist can drive and holds an international driver’s licence. It is also practical if fewer than five people are travelling. Whilst this service provides a lot of mobility and freedom, it can be too costly for an average traveller. It can likewise be prohibitive, depending on the agreement and the traffic rules. For instance, cars for hire are not allowed in some areas in North Island.

Buses or Coaches

These are perfect for those who are travelling in groups. The good thing about this is that travellers do not have to make the necessary arrangements. Rather, it is the rental company’s job. The setup allows the tourists to meet new friends. They are likewise more likely to see the most popular attractions because tours follow a specific itinerary.

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Many coach and bus hire services already include a tour guide. The downside is that travellers have less flexibility when it comes to the places they can visit.

Your travel experience in North Island depends on the budget, the companions and the things the travellers see and do during the trip. What matters most is the comfort and satisfaction of the passengers throughout the journey.

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