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New or Used Cars? Get Tips from Car Dealers in Jacksonville

Cars In ShowroomIt happens eventually: you wake up one morning to find that your car is no longer serviceable. The next step is to buy another one, of course. However, should you purchase a new or used vehicle? Intuitively, a new car sounds like the best choice, but is it?

The decision to buy a car needs serious consideration. With plenty of choices in the market, how do you know if your choice is the right one for your lifestyle?

Learn more about the advantages of both new and used cars with this guide from car dealers in Jacksonville.


Let us be honest. The first thing you consider when car shopping is the price. Every time you see a car ad, you will ask how much is it worth. New cars are more expensive, of course. The design, safety features, and mileage all contribute to the expense of a new car.

The downside is that new cars depreciate quickly. Used vehicles, on the other hand, are not as expensive as its original owner would have paid for sales tax and other costs of a new car. However, a used car can also mean plenty of maintenance fees if you do not choose the right car.


As mentioned, new cars have the latest safety features and warranties available. There are even driver assistance technologies that help you stay safe when driving.

That is not to say that used vehicles are a death trap. Ten-year-old cars already have safety features, although older. Not only that, modern cars last longer these days, so that 5-year-old Honda is still a reliable mode of transportation.

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Fuel Efficiency

Newer models have streamlined their designs to maximize fuel efficiency. At the same time, older cars can also make the best of your fuel; you just have to choose the right model. In fact, late model cars can give you the almost the same fuel economy as the latest designs.

These are just some tips on choosing between new and used vehicles. Keep this guide in mind when you go car shopping to make the best decision.

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