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More Americans are Driving Motorcycles: Here’s How to Make Your Shop Ready

Mechanic working on a motorbikeWhile Americans still love their cars, there are also a growing number of motorcycle riders. According to the Bureau of Transport Statistics, the registrations grew 75% from 1997 to 2006. It went up from no more than four million to over six million in about a decade.

For an auto body shop, it offers a golden opportunity to expand, capture a fast-rising market, and increase revenue. Nevertheless, the business has to learn how to perform some of the most common types of repairs to succeed. Take, for example, how to fix an exhaust pipe.

How to Fix an Exhaust Pipe

An exhaust pipe is one motorcycle part that’s prone to damage. The good news is it’s easy to know if there’s a problem. Usually, it creates an odd noise while the motorcycle is running.

The initial steps to fixing it are also quick. It usually involves the following:

  1. Parking the vehicle on a smooth and stable surface. For those who are driving their motorcycle, they should bring their vehicle to the side of the road and park properly.
  2. Following the repair instructions. This is where the motorcycle manual comes in handy. It provides the direction on how to remove and replace the exhaust pipe.

When You Need a Professional

There are times, though, when a driver would need the service of a professional from an auto body repair shop. These include a complete pipe replacement due to a dent or a hole. To do this job correctly, JMC Equipment noted that a Baileigh industrial tube bending machine is essential. It’s a machine that relieves stress and fatigue that comes with working with tough materials, and these can include stainless steel.

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This machine allows your shop to create different types of shapes, even the most complex ones. It can also function alongside a variety of clamps. Depending on the machine, it can be precise and have an excellent support. This is essential to minimize injuries while working. Most of all, it can speed up the process of repair and replacement.

Americans buy at least 500,000 motorcycle units each year. It means more people will be interested to upgrade or get their vehicles fixed. Make sure your shop is ready to accommodate them with the right tools in hand.

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