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Mechanics Check These 6 Essential Parts of Your Car

woman checking the hood of her carCongratulations, you just bought a new car! Before you can fully enjoy driving it though, have you brushed up on the essential parts of your vehicle? Knowing how your car works will allow you to keep up with the auto mechanic instead of just being clueless. Here are the six essential parts of your ride that your mechanic will inspect.

1. Steering and suspension

Whether they’re using a Baileigh plasma table or a tire changer, expert mechanics make sure to check your car’s steering and suspension parts, like your steering wheel. This system directs where your car is going and absorbs shocks or bumps from the road to ensure you have a smooth ride.

2. Cooling and heating system

This system cools your car, so it doesn’t overheat. The system also provides warmth to the car when it’s cold outside.

3. Engine and exhaust

The engine is what generates power for your car so it can move. Sometimes it could produce more power than what is needed, in which case the exhaust allows some of this to escape in the form of exhaust gas. Basically, this system helps your car “breathe” better.

4. Electrical system

Your car has electronics like radio and some lights, which are powered by the electricity from the car battery. This is collectively known as your car’s electrical system.

5. Drive train

The drive train is the system that allows your car’s driving wheels to work. The drive train is found underneath the vehicle, in the middle of your car’s four wheels.

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6. Brake system

The brake system is the lifesaving part of your car because its job is to stop motion by absorbing the energy from your car as it moves. This is why the stepping on the brake allows your car to abruptly stop.

Every car has six essential systems that auto mechanics will look into to see if one or more of them are malfunctioning. These six systems are intended to work as one so that the car will run smoothly and safely. Taking these to heart will take you a step closer to becoming a knowledgeable car driver.

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