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How to Tune-Up Your Motorcycle

photo of a man and a mechanic tuning up a motorbikeIf your bike has been winterized or unused for a significant amount of time, you might have to perform a thorough inspection and tune-up before riding off into the sunset. Even so, your motorcycle would need routine tune-ups to ensure that it’s always roaring and ready to go.

That said, here are some things you need to inspect and address accordingly during a tune-up:

The Battery

Your battery might be in great condition if you removed it and stored it properly before storing your motorcycle, explains an experienced mechanic from Southpaw Motorsports, a popular motorsport center that offers motorcycle tune-up and related services in Salt Lake City. Otherwise, if your battery fails to charge, you have to repair it or replace it depending on its particular condition.

The Wheels and Tires

Check the wheel rims for debris and dents and inspect the tires for cracks and tread wear. Replace the tires if they’re worn out. Otherwise, see if the tire pressure is still accurate and inflate accordingly.

The Brake Pads

Replace the brake pads if they appear to be significantly worn out. Watch out for substantial grooving on the rotors. Ensure that the rear brake pedal is solid and not mushy and that the front brake lever has enough pressure.

The Brake Fluid and Oil

If you haven’t changed the oil in a long time, change it. Top off the brake fluid and refill the coolant overflow tank if necessary.

The Valves and Air Filters

Clean and put new oil in the air filter if it’s already filthy and smells funny. If the air filter isn’t salvageable, replace it. Make sure that the valve adjustment is just right or else get it adjusted as soon as possible.

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The Chain

Make certain that the tension is just right and that rust hadn’t set in when you stored your bike. Don’t forget to lube it up.

So before tossing in your key and popping the clutch, give your bike proper TLC, keeping these tune-up tips in mind. If you’re not entirely confident of your ability to tune-up your bike, get it to a trusted mechanic or risk putting your bike in a worse state that when you started trying to tune her up.

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