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How to Stay Safe When Renting a Car

Car rent driverAre you planning a trip with your relatives and don’t have the vehicle for it? Is taking the public transport a bit taxing for your event? Do not fret; you have many car rental options in Manila, Philippines that can give you good rates and quality vehicles so you can drive your way around the metro without worries.

The best way to have a hassle-free experience with your rental is to follow these safety tips because safety should always be your top priority.

Tip#1: Make an early reservation

This will give you more time to adjust the schedule, the type of car or any arrangements you will have with the rental company.

Tip#2: Choose a car you’re familiar with

If you are driving yourself, choosing a car you have driven before is an advantage for both you and the company. You will be safer in a car that you know how to handle, and the company can be sure that their vehicle is reliable in your hands.

Tip#3: Do a test drive

Check the brakes, the lights, the seat and steering wheel adjustments, as well as the air-conditioning, if they all meet your expectations.

Tip#4: Do not hesitate to get a driver

If you feel any hesitations at all about driving a car that is not yours, rental companies will always have drivers ready and waiting for you. Make sure to read reviews or ask around about how much you can trust the company.

Tip#5: Follow basic traffic rules

If you are driving, you should already know the traffic rules of the city. If you are hiring a driver, it is your responsibility to ask or tell him about the rules he may show he is not familiar with.

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Remember to give your car rental information to someone you trust, in case you get stuck somewhere and need assistance. Other than this, your rental should go smoothly as planned. Drive safe!

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