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How to Really Choose the Right Car for Your Lifestyle

Man smiling in his new carSedans, hatches, minivans, SUVs and crossovers, pickups, convertibles – there are just so many vehicles you can choose from these days. For each type of vehicle, you will also find subcategories based on size, such as full-size, compact, subcompact, and micro-compact. Then there are the engine types and what powers them. And unless you’ve been living under a rock this past decade, you already know that you have even more choices if you visit the used car lots instead of the brand dealerships.

It’s easy to fall in love with a vehicle that’s popular right now, but is it the one for your lifestyle? Before you visit that used car dealership in Bradenton like SQR Auto LLC, check out this simple guide for deciding on the vehicle that’s right for you.


Most people start by listing their favorite models. But before you even do that, ask yourself how much car you can afford. Don’t forget that it’s not just the down payment and the monthly payments you have to think about; you also have to consider the cost of ownership, which means looking at the cost of insurance and maintenance. If you’re savvy, you’ll also consider the resale value.


Most people want to buy a sedan for their first car, but if you’re buying your first car after you’ve gotten married and had six kids, a sedan might not be the best choice. Always consider how many people you intend to transport in your vehicle on most days. For a small family that doesn’t take a lot of trips, your daily driver can be a small hatchback. If you live somewhere with rough, unpaved roads, however, you might be better served by a pickup, a crossover, or an SUV.

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This is directly connected to how you intend to use the vehicle. If it’s going to do double-duty, such as being your daily driver as well as your business workhorse, you may want to consider something with enough power for carrying, say, your handmade furniture. A pickup, SUV, or van with a V6 should do nicely, especially if you intend to hitch a small trailer now and then. For daily home-office commutes, however, a smaller, more economical engine should suffice. You might even want to consider a hybrid for more miles per gallon.

Safety and features

Just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Modern cars are immensely safer than their predecessors, but once in a while, a manufacturer makes a “what-were-they-thinking” kind of car that doesn’t get good enough crash safety ratings. Avoid those, even if they cost less. You don’t want the risk, and neither does your insurer.

A car that fits your lifestyle is better than a vehicle that’s only good for bragging rights. Use this list and come up with a few choices that match your needs, and then go car shopping.

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