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How to Install the F4M Tester Kodi Addon?

F4MTester addon was recently available with major repositories like Noobs and Nerds and Smash Repo. But ever since they went down, users were left crossed as they didn’t have a source to download this add-on. F4MTester provides a decoding method used by many live TV and video streaming add-ons to decently function on the platform. If one has tried to stream videos on Kodi, they’d know how F4M Tester helps to make the streaming possible. We must understand that video streaming through Kodi involves a specific technology—a code that makes it fittingly work. Install F4MTester Kodi Addon which helps other add-ons to perform their programme operations. This kind of add-ons is called dependency.

How to Install the F4M Tester Kodi Addon?

It’s shockingly true, the F4M Tester hasn’t been updated by the Shani for over two years now. With its last update reflecting on December 2016, it still stands as a one-man hammer for most of the video streaming add-ons and Live TV.

Since so many other add-ons have F4M Tester hidden in their repository, for its immense useful function, it’s hard to pick a favorite location to install it from. For that reason, we are listing our top and the most reliable location for its installation, Looking Glass. But first, make sure to read the following segment that will show one important prerequisite.

  • Multiple bitrates can be configured so that different stream files can be generated depending on your internet speed or defined quality.
  • Different quality video and audio tracks of a stream can be stored in separate locations, referenced by the F4M file and put back together.
  • Extra metadata and stream information can be saved into the file.
  • F4M streams can be optimized into multiple smaller files and pieced back together on the fly.
  • DRM security can be built into the stream so that users without proper credentials can’t stream the file.
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F4MTester Kodi Addon download

  1. Download the Zip file on your device > Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons menu.
  2. Now click the Box Icon > Click Install from Zip File.
  3. Browse and open the downloaded zip file ( > Wait for the notification.
  4. Click on Install from Repository > Open Kodi Israel Repository (Kodil Repository).
  5. Open Video Add-ons > Select F4MTester > Hit Install > Wait for the notification.

F4M is everywhere and not having it on your system limits Kodi’s capability to stream videos. Here are the best Kodi addons & builds where Kodi needs this friend, and in return, F4M Tester displays honest and consistent behavior. It has everything a good friend has, including a knack for entertainment.

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