The Usage of Depleted Uranium in the Military | Energy SolutionsThe Usage of Depleted Uranium in the Military | Energy Solutions| Auto Boardz
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How the Military Uses and Handles Depleted Uranium (DU)

SoldierDepleted uranium is an essential byproduct of any nation’s defense and power strategy. The public benefits from many materials that are derived from both the extraction and processing of uranium ore.

Usage of depleted uranium is associated with its heavy density. Depleted uranium has a variety of uses in the military, where it’s used in defensive shield coating and breastplate shielding warheads. The military uses it on weapons in extremely large scale, due to its penetration capacity in the bombshells.

Depleted uranium is also used in penetrator bullets. This is attributed to the fact that it’s highly flammable. The pointer of the bullet remains sharp, and on reaching its target, it flares up. Thus, it’s mostly recommended in wars where the soldiers burn up the enemies’ properties. It displays a tremendous capacity that enables bullets to open holes in concrete and thick iron plates.

DU is effective when used in bombshells as it explodes upon impact. Besides, depleted uranium is very cheap, since one can get it from radioactive wastes.  It is also used in aircraft and helicopter counterweights.

Aside from weaponry, it also has medicinal purposes. It protects against radiation through the use of x-rays, and it’s also used in industrial radiography.

Handling of Depleted Uranium

When using depleted uranium, recommends hiring the right disposing firm to ensure all protocols are followed for safety. There are facilities specializing in maximum safety disposal and transportation of depleted uranium.

Today, uranium has become an essential part of the global energy use, thus making it one of the most necessary energy mineral. Depleted uranium is primarily used in nuclear power plants, and a small portion is needed for medical applications.

Though it’s not the safest source of energy to use, handling of depleted uranium can be safe once you choose the right facility and procedures to handle the waste.

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