How Eco Tyres Achieve Eco-friendliness and Cost-Efficiency at the Same TimeHow Eco Tyres Achieve Eco-friendliness and Cost-Efficiency at the Same Time| Auto Boardz
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How Eco Tyres Save You Carbon Footprint and Money

Man inspecting tyreTyre technology has come a long way from wooden wheels to an array of jaw-dropping innovations. Nowadays there are tyres with built-in chips meant to communicate with other auto parts for seamless road adaption.

Companies such as Tyre Tracks offer tyres with a twin chamber intended to provide a backup air pocket for when the other one is punctured. Hence, drivers can proceed with their journey even with a half-compromised wheel. There are self-inflating tyres outfitted with an electronic part which automatically regulates air pressure.

And then, there’s the eco tyre.

How Eco Tyres Are Made

Tyres dubbed as eco-friendly are designed with three primary considerations in mind. First is tyre construction, wherein manufacturers make sure that the raw materials used for their products release the least carbon footprint; for instance, a synthetic blend instead of actual rubber.

Second is rolling resistance, where tyre makers make sure that energy loss on the road is decreased to lessen fuel consumption. And third is wear and tear, wherein tread pattern as well as raw materials used in production are carefully picked to ensure these tyres’ longevity.

Eco-friendliness and Cost-Efficiency

Eco tyres, as evident in their branding, truly do a thing or two for the environment. From production to actual road performance, they allow for lessened carbon footprint. Furthermore, with these tyres, car owners benefit from improved fuel maximisation. This means that when you gas up, your tyres don’t eat away your fuel due to lousy road resistance. In the end, apart from the environment, your wallet is afforded with one major advantage, too — fuel savings.

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Eco tyres are a testament to how the auto industry has done their share of the environmental responsibility. Such deserves every driver’s respect and support.

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