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Giving to Charity: Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

Volunteers Huddled TogetherYou’ve probably heard about celebrities and big tycoons donating thousands of dollars to multiple charitable organizations. Sometimes they even help with cash donations when a big calamity or disaster happens. Do situations like these make you wish you could do the same?

Well, you don’t need to have the cash to help a cause. And you’ll be surprised how giving old clothes or donating car to charity do not only help others but yourself as well. Here’s a look at ways you, the giver, can benefit from giving to charitable organizations.

Puts More Meaning in Your Life

Most people experience dead ends in life. Those moments when you feel life has become too monotonous and boring can change through a simple donation to charity. You can even meet new people who want to help in the same way as you do.

Stretching outwards to help others is always a good way to add meaning to your life.

Teaches Your Family Generosity

If you have kids in your family, letting them understand why you’re giving away your old stuff to charity will help them become more giving themselves, especially if it becomes a regular thing that you do.

Gives a Rewarding Feeling

Dopamine, the hormone that’s responsible for the feeling of reward and pleasure, is activated whenever you give something sincerely, knowing that it’s going to help someone else. It the same feeling people get from drugs, except giving is all natural.

Helps Others

Hands Holding a HeartObviously, any donation to any charity is meant to help someone else. And it’s best that you donate to a cause you feel strongly about. Different organizations help the homeless, children with special needs, the abused, endangered species or any other cause that uplifts those on the downside of life.

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Reduces Your Taxes

Donations to charity are famous for this: you can reduce the taxable amount of income you have at the end of the year by deducting from it the dollars that you give to charity.

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to help a cause. Charitable organizations are always around and ready to accept donations of all sorts. And with these benefits, you won’t only be helping a cause, you’ll also be finding a deeper sense of self-fulfillment knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life.

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