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Ford Ranger Leads Sales of Pickup Trucks in Asia-Pacific

Pick-up truck on a dirt roadDrivers in the Asia-Pacific region preferred the Ford Ranger more than any other pickup truck for the first half of 2017, as sales for the vehicle rose 21% year over year.

The increase represented 63,525 units during the six-month period. MFI Service Bodies added that it included a record number of 21,638 sold units in Australia, where businesses and private individuals alike can have their utes customised with a different service body for a specific purpose.

Popular Pickup

Based on clients’ feedback, the Ford Ranger’s popularity can be attributed to its consistent durability, real-world tests and development. It also noted that aside from Australia, the vehicle has been a hit with record sales in New Zealand, where sales topped the overall market with a 24% increase to 4,980 vehicles.

In Australia, demand for the Ford Ranger also increases due to more customers wanting a more flexible pick up, which can be used for work or for recreational activities, said Ford Australia president and CEO Graeme Whickman. Other countries where the vehicle has been popular include Cambodia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

By 2019, the company intends to sell an updated Ranger unit in the U.S. followed by the Bronco SUV in 2020.

Future Investments

Ford has rolled out a hefty investment to sustain its growth momentum for the sales of Ranger units in Australia. It will invest $450 million this year for research and development initiatives, as demand shows no signs of wearing down any time soon.

The increased investment also bodes well for local employment, as the company expects to have almost 2,000 employees in the country by 2017. These will include 1,750 engineers, designers and technicians.

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Pickup trucks have become more popular because it offers the best of both worlds. Are you convinced that your next pickup should be a Ford Ranger?

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