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Planning to Rent a Vacuum Truck? Follow These Easy Steps

vacuum truck along the highway

You have many responsibilities to handle in your company and this time around, renting a vacuum truck has been added to your list. Fortunately, renting a vacuum truck hire doesn’t involve a difficult process. Let this serve as your guide, so you can concentrate eventually on your primary tasks and clients. #1: Accomplish the Application Form Before renting a […]

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4 Brilliant Tips To Upgrade Your Auto Shop

Sure, you would like to be the best in your league of auto shop owners. You might want to consider some practical ideas on how you can catch up with your counterparts. Here are some handy tips and tricks to do so. Learn to make bold moves If you wish to make the most of […]

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How Dangerous are Underinflated Tyres?

A pile of tyres

Most motorists know that they must always exercise defensive driving to increase their safety while on the road and that of other road users as well. But not all motorists know that driving on underinflated tyres is a real safety hazard, even for the most careful drivers. But what happens when you drive a vehicle […]

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Vehicle Fuel Filters: Types and Purposes

Car maintenance

If you feel your car is sluggish and using more gas, the problem could be a clogged or restricted fuel filter. Fuel might contain sediments, which can find their way to the fuel tank from the pump. Debris can also enter your tank when you remove your gas cover. Some vehicles have several filters while others […]

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Deciding Between Buying a UTV and an ATV

Choosing between an ATV (all-terrain vehicle or “quad”) and a UTV (utility vehicle) can be quite the challenge for someone inexperienced in buying either. To help you arrive at a decision, here are some questions you should answer. What will you use it for? It’s already a foregone conclusion that you will be using this […]

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This is Why You Need to Choose Used Electric Cars over Gas-Powered Ones

Your kid is now of legal driving age, and you begin thinking of purchasing a vehicle for them. You might think of buying used cars instead of new ones. Used cars certainly make great additions to a family’s fleet as a second or third car. More Savings with Used Electric Cars Now, aside from deciding […]

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Top Things to Consider When Buying Auto Parts

Finding the best auto part supplier can be challenging because some companies have better offers than the others. The multitude of options and variations available make the job even more difficult. If you have been struggling to find the best auto parts in Tauranga, Sheaff Vehicles notes that considering the following factors is important: Used vs. New Parts Most […]

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How to Really Choose the Right Car for Your Lifestyle

Man smiling in his new car

Sedans, hatches, minivans, SUVs and crossovers, pickups, convertibles – there are just so many vehicles you can choose from these days. For each type of vehicle, you will also find subcategories based on size, such as full-size, compact, subcompact, and micro-compact. Then there are the engine types and what powers them. And unless you’ve been […]

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These Simple Upgrades Can Make Your Toyota Hilux Perform Better

You can tune your car without doing all those complicated things you’ve seen on TV. In fact, improving the fuel efficiency, safety and handling of your car is much easier and cheaper than many people imagine. Here are simple ways to mod your Toyota Hilux and make it serve you better for longer. Change your […]

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How to Pass the WoF Test for Your Car

Unless you are driving a moped, there is a good chance your vehicle has to go through a warrant of fitness test (WoF). This is different from the driver’s test you need to take before you can drive. WoF is a certification your vehicle has gone through inspection, and authorities deemed it safe to be […]