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3 Ways on How to Find the Ideal Car Repair Shop

As an owner, you know how important it is to take good care of your car. As much as possible, you want to be hands-on in the repair and maintenance of your wheels. Unfortunately, there are instances that you need professional hands to work on your car. Such instance calls for a visit to an […]

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A 3-Point Guide on How to Maintain Your Car Tires

It’s a no-brainer that the tires are the only car component in contact with the road. Unfortunately, most car owners neglect them. Misaligned and worn out tires are a disaster in waiting since no other car safety system can overcome its failure. Buying quality tires is indeed expensive, so if yours are still in good […]

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Four Services that Stay Open Day or Night

Police car patrolling at night

Professionals with around-the-clock services are whom people can rely on to get their cars moved, their inquiries resolved, or their food delivered. These round-the-clock services are necessary because emergencies or accidents can happen whether it’s day or night. Here’s a closer look at how these services work. 1. Towing Services According to El Paso Towing […]

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3 Tools Found Auto Repair Shops Should Have

Every mechanic training center or auto repair shop would have an assortment of equipment that does a specific purpose, such as shaping a metal, painting a surface, and such. If you run a repair shop or a training center, having tools help customers and mechanics in fixing cars. Here’s an in-depth look at these automotive […]

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Giving to Charity: Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

You’ve probably heard about celebrities and big tycoons donating thousands of dollars to multiple charitable organizations. Sometimes they even help with cash donations when a big calamity or disaster happens. Do situations like these make you wish you could do the same? Well, you don’t need to have the cash to help a cause. And […]

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Oil Sludge: What it is and How to Prevent its Buildup

Men cleaning oil spill

If you have a petroleum tank, a problem you may be experiencing or want to avoid is tank sludge. This can become a nuisance, especially if you leave it as is. It’s not an exaggeration, but you should get petroleum recovery and sludge treatment services immediately if this happens. What causes sludge and how do […]

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4 Excellent Tips to Save on Car Rentals

Many travelers dedicate a lot of attention to finding the best airfares and room rates. They, however, do not give the same investigation when looking for vehicles for hire. They make the mistake of assuming that all sedan rentals in Manila are the same, so they need not spend time shopping around. The fact is, as RentCarManila.com noted, car rentals […]

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Improve Your Car Owning Experience Through These Smart Decisions

Next to choosing a college and buying a house, buying a car is the third largest life decision you’re likely to make. More than just getting you go between places, the type of car you drive reflects your personality. Unfortunately, such notions lead many people to ignore crucial factors that underlie a successful car buying process. […]

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Post-Brexit Trade: Is Your Logistics Business Ready for Changes?

white logistics truck

Brexit has caused business uncertainty in the U.K. logistics industry, yet many companies still need to map out a contingency plan to prepare for volatile times ahead. According to a survey by The Institute of Export & International Trade, many companies expect trading delays at the country’s ports due to new customs regulations. Despite this, […]

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Common Signs of a Faulty Clutch

Foot pressing the brake pedal of a car

For a manual car to remain functional, the clutch is engaged and disengaged frequently when changing gears. Frequent contamination of the oil or riding the clutch for an extended period will make it fail eventually. Below are common signs of a faulty clutch. Slipping clutch A slipping clutch does not engage at your command, and […]