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Why Should You Change Your Timing Belt?

Changing your timing belt is crucial for the well-being of your car’s engine. Since the timing belt is enclosed, making it hard for you to view it, its physical condition usually goes unnoticed. However, many manufacturers recommend changing the timing belt if the mileage is 70,000-100,000 km. For those cars that use timing chains, all […]

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Powering Up Your RV: How Much Electricity Do You Need?

Interior of a Recreation Vehicle

Our regular electricity needs when traveling is often limited to 5V for charging phones and 12V for running car electronics. Extended trips might force you to throw in a DC/AC inverter that will give you the 110-120V you need to charge your laptop. RV enthusiasts might prefer a permanent 120V AC wiring to power all […]

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Plan a Romantic Road Trip with These Tricks

Couple on a road trip

It’s a challenge to keep up with the pressures of life. We’re always too busy with something: university, a job interview or a house renovation project, to know what we’re missing out on. Sometimes, having a full schedule can affect the romance in our relationships. Spending quality time with your significant other should be high […]

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Why You Need to Change Your Oil Regularly

Hand Pouring Oil on Engine

Whether you’re driving a new or second-hand car, routine vehicle maintenance is necessary to ensure it runs optimally. Performing an oil change is one of the regular practices that you should embrace, stress car specialists from Pinecrest Shell in Alexandria, VA. Protect Engine Parts An engine contains different parts that are essential to the proper […]

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A Charitable Drive: How Donating Your Car Can Help Multiple Charities

Did you know that you can donate a car to help a charity? For this to work, cars are donated to organizations, who will then separate those in good condition from those that need repairs. Functional cars will then get sold at events or auctions, while those in bad condition will likely be refurbished. The […]

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Mechanics Check These 6 Essential Parts of Your Car

Congratulations, you just bought a new car! Before you can fully enjoy driving it though, have you brushed up on the essential parts of your vehicle? Knowing how your car works will allow you to keep up with the auto mechanic instead of just being clueless. Here are the six essential parts of your ride […]

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Auckland Car Owners Among Highest Spenders on Insurance Premiums

Key and insurance policy

New research showed that car insurance premiums in New Zealand generally cost more in cities than in rural areas, although non-urban dwellers could sometimes pay more based on certain circumstances. Moneyhub based its research on a comprehensive package for 35-year-old male drivers of a 2011 Toyota Corolla in Auckland, where rates are among the most […]

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Keep Your Car Rust-Free by Following these 3 Easy Steps

Letting your car accumulate rust is never a good idea, as this can easily break your car down. It can cause serious damage to your body panels and can take a toll on your car’s strength and rigidity. The first thing that you should do to keep your car from breaking down due to rust […]

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How to Stay Safe When Renting a Car

Car rent driver

Are you planning a trip with your relatives and don’t have the vehicle for it? Is taking the public transport a bit taxing for your event? Do not fret; you have many car rental options in Manila, Philippines that can give you good rates and quality vehicles so you can drive your way around the metro without […]

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How to Maintain Your Car’s Optimum Condition

Car maintenance

We all know someone with an older vehicle that just keeps on running year after year. You may wonder, “What’s their secret?” while scratching your head with one hand and holding a repair bill in the other. The secret here is vehicle maintenance. Regular fluid checks and lubrication, for instance, will keep the powertrain strong. […]