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Training Projects to Solve the Brexit Skills Shortage

Brexit negotiations seem to be heading nowhere, with many fearing that the UK will leave the EU without any agreement on trading between borders. This will significantly affect the logistics industry. According to the Freight Transportation Association (FTA), this might cause problems for companies that rely on EU workers. Seasonal employees, in particular, are essential […]

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Is Flood Insurance Worth It?

Flood Insurance Policy

Natural disasters are among the most heart-breaking and financially devastating events that can happen in one’s life. It’s something that is unavoidable, can cause irreparable damage, and can result in many problems even when you’ve prepared for it heavily. This is because Mother Nature can be a powerful enemy. Volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, and earthquakes […]

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4 Tips to Beautify Your Yard

If you are the type of person who obsesses over how your house looks, you know how important your yard is. Even when it is not among the first parts of the house that you show to guests, just the sight of a dirty and messy yard can leave a bad impression in the minds […]

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Franchise or Independent: Which Is Better for an Auto Shop Business?

An automotive business serves as a good way for those who want to make money out of their love for cars, but planning to set up a shop requires more than just enthusiasm. Choosing between a franchised business and sole proprietorship is one of the several things to consider for aspiring auto shop owners. Another […]

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Benefits of Charity Auto Donations You Have Not Heard of Yet

The biggest motivation of most people have for making charity car donations is tax deductibles. If you donate an auto to a legitimate 501c3 nonprofit organization, you can claim it to help lower your federal income taxes. Apart from turning your clunker into a tax deduction, auto donations for charity come with many intangibles. If […]

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3 Secrets to Stay Organised As You Plan Your Wedding

wedding car hire

Congratulations on your recent engagement! One of the things you might be thinking of right now is your upcoming wedding. Well, it’s best to start planning early because this can be an overwhelming affair. Good thing, there’s a way to keep stress at bay and remain organised throughout the process. Here are some secrets to help you out: Keep […]

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Used Car Buying Guide: Asking the Right Questions

After buying a house, another huge purchase people make is buying a car. A vehicle is generally easier to buy than a house, or as many people believe. With increasing vehicle prices, maintenance, and fuel price, however, opting for a brand new one is not always the most practical choice. Rather, going for a used […]

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How to Tell if Your Car’s Braking System Needs Replacement

The brake system of your car is arguably its most crucial component. A poorly maintained system will reduce your car’s performance and longevity. It will also increase your risk of collisions and accidents, as you cannot stop your vehicle. Having a qualified and reputable mechanic to service, repair or replace your brakes in Salt Lake […]

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Report: Colorado’s Growing Population Bodes Well for Car Industry

a car

Business seemed strong for an auto body shop in Parker, CO like Parker Auto, or an auto mechanic in Denver, as the number of new and used car sales in the state rose between January and November 2017. A Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) report showed that a growing migrant population helped in boosting demand […]

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Florida City to Use License Plate Readers to Thwart Car Theft

Used written on car plate

The City of Boynton Beach in Florida plans to deter car theft by using 23 license plate readers, which authorities will install on traffic intersections. For those who plan on buying a used GMC for sale in Bradenton from dealers such as SRQ Auto LLC, these devices will help police officers not just to identify […]