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Don’t Make 2 Money Mistakes When Buying A Car

Buying a Car

There’s a certain appeal to buying a luxurious car. The plush leather trims, roomy interiors, and the big powerful engine that will get heads turning. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with such a move, it comes at a hefty price, says a car dealer in Auckland. Excited by such cars, some buyers often forget that […]

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New Technologies To Boost Your Rental Car Experience

She's Looking for Car Rental

Rental cars are one of the top choices for people in need of transport. Just rent a vehicle and you are good to go. There are, however, some articles online demerit this convenient service.These should not discourage you from renting one, especially when you need it. In recent years, car hire operators in Auckland have […]

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3 Questions about Car Maintenance That Automotive Experts Can Answer

Oftentimes, people get intimidated by the idea of fixing their own cars. That’s why automotive experts are available to educate them on the basics of car maintenance. Fixing your car is easy if you have sufficient knowledge on how to use the right tools, like a Baileigh hydraulic sheet metal brake. Car owners who are keen on […]

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What is My Noisy Brakes Trying to Tell Me?

You can’t risk messing around with safety when it comes to your vehicle, and one of the most crucial things you must not ever neglect is your vehicle’s brake system. Put simply, if your brakes fail on you while you’re driving—you’re in a whole lot of trouble. Fortunately for you, your vehicle usually shows warning […]

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For Millennials: Remember These 4 Car Dealer Tips

You’ve finally hit the legal driving age. Now you’re free to get and drive a car on your own. Before you go get one though, you need to realize some things: do you know what car you want? Can you afford it? Where can you buy it? How will you take care of it? These […]

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Car Owners Need Tire Warranties Too

Car owners absolutely need to have insurance in case damage befalls on their vehicle. An insurance company helps car owners pay for repairs and replacements in case they get into an accident. Aside from this important aspect, however, car owners should also get themselves a warranty for their tires. What is a Tire Warranty? Tire warranties […]

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To Parents: How You Can Exercise While on Your Morning Commute

How many parents wish they can exercise? You may be one of the many busy parents who hope they can slip even 30 minutes of exercise in their day, but then you remember that you have to bring your children to school. You have to finish chores and have to go to work, too. How […]

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Car Repair: 3 Sure Ways to Save Cash

Most car owners dread repairs, as these are expensive and time-consuming affairs. However, you do not have to worry since there are some practical tips which you can follow to ensure that you save a significant amount of cash. Be a savvy buyer. One of the factors that make your car repairs costly is the cost […]

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North Island Senior Travel: How Should One Move Around?

With a fatter pay cheque and more available time, the baby boomers will be travelling often. According to AARP Research, more than 48 per cent of them will be packing their bags in 2018. Most of them will not be bringing their work. It means these vacations will be all about fun. Senior travelling, however, has some unique challenges. These include […]

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Auckland Trip Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

Lady sitting on boot of car parked on side of road

A jet fuel crisis at Auckland Airport has affected several flights and thousands of passengers. Experts advised not to book any flights unless it is essential. Thankfully, this does not mean you cannot make any travel plans, as there is still plenty of ground to cover around Auckland i​f you have the time. Road Trip […]