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    On the Radar

    3 Ways on How to Find the Ideal Car Repair Shop

    As an owner, you know how important it is to take good care of your car. As much as possible, you want to be hands-on in the repair and maintenance of your wheels. Unfortunately, there are instances that you need professional hands to work on your car. Such instance calls for a visit to an […]


    BMW: The Most Expensive Car in Terms of Maintenance

    The cost of BMW maintenance

    If you’re planning to buy a luxury car, you may want to pause before wanting to own a BMW. The cost of having one has been the most expensive one in terms of maintenance. The place where you live could also be a factor in determining the cost of maintenance for a luxury car. For […]


    Buying a Used Car Online: Practical Ways to Buy Safely

    a man inspecting a second hand car with the agent

    Buying a used car can be tricky whether you are buying online or offline. The most significant risk with buying online is falling prey to scammers. Fortunately, there are safe ways to buy a used car online. Here are some of them: Ask for Photographs Any reliable online Chevy dealer in Warren County will be […]


    Top 3 Reasons to Pick a European Car

    European cars have always been known for excellent quality and durability. It’s no wonder many car enthusiasts visit countries like Germany just to check out commercial vehicle sales and see what’s new and in store in the market. Whether it’s brand-new or used, the demand for European vehicles has always been steady. Here are a […]

    On the Radar

    A 3-Point Guide on How to Maintain Your Car Tires

    It’s a no-brainer that the tires are the only car component in contact with the road. Unfortunately, most car owners neglect them. Misaligned and worn out tires are a disaster in waiting since no other car safety system can overcome its failure. Buying quality tires is indeed expensive, so if yours are still in good […]

    Under The Lights

    5 Ways Car Accessories Can Help You

    Car Accessories

    There are many ways accessories can help your vehicle. Whether you own a truck or a van, your day would be easier if you have a mat to keep your car interiors clean or a step to help you alight from your vehicle. Here are some features that you and your vehicle can get once […]


    Tips for Renting a Car

    There are many reasons for renting a car. Some use it for road trips. Others use it for business meetings or for fetching their families at the airport. Many people think that renting a car is a simple process. However, you need to remember that just because it is easy does not mean that you […]

    Hyped Up

    Don’t Make 2 Money Mistakes When Buying A Car

    Buying a Car

    There’s a certain appeal to buying a luxurious car. The plush leather trims, roomy interiors, and the big powerful engine that will get heads turning. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with such a move, it comes at a hefty price, says a car dealer in Auckland. Excited by such cars, some buyers often forget that […]

    Latest News

    Training Projects to Solve the Brexit Skills Shortage

    Brexit negotiations seem to be heading nowhere, with many fearing that the UK will leave the EU without any agreement on trading between borders. This will significantly affect the logistics industry. According to the Freight Transportation Association (FTA), this might cause problems for companies that rely on EU workers. Seasonal employees, in particular, are essential […]


    How to Tune-Up Your Motorcycle

    photo of a man and a mechanic tuning up a motorbike

    If your bike has been winterized or unused for a significant amount of time, you might have to perform a thorough inspection and tune-up before riding off into the sunset. Even so, your motorcycle would need routine tune-ups to ensure that it’s always roaring and ready to go. That said, here are some things you […]