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Auckland Trip Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

Lady sitting on boot of car parked on side of roadA jet fuel crisis at Auckland Airport has affected several flights and thousands of passengers. Experts advised not to book any flights unless it is essential. Thankfully, this does not mean you cannot make any travel plans, as there is still plenty of ground to cover around Auckland i​f you have the time.

Road Trip Galore

A small family or group of friends can travel comfortably around Auckland with a van hire. You have the freedom to stay as long as you want in each location, and you will not be sharing the trip with strangers as you would if you took public transport.

Any food you pack will be available for everyone at any point in the journey, which makes this a rather convenient and cost-effective way of travelling.

Visit Busy Beaches

Even those who have layovers in their flights take the time to visit New Zealand’s beaches because of its pristine waters and beautiful scenery. If you’ve got a free day, a trip to the beach is definitely worth it.

If you’ve got several days, feel free to stay at a nearby resort or villa for a short holiday. You could also include beaches as stopovers on your road trip with the family. Cover as much ground as you want to make the most of that holiday.

Explore Hidden Alcoves

A road trip is an adventure, and it doesn’t have to be a planned one. Sure, you may have an itinerary to follow (at least to know which exits you’ll be taking).

But, when it comes to where you eat or explore, you may make up a plan as you go. This gives you some flexibility to look around and actually discover the location you’re visiting.

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What makes a trip worth it? It’s the memories you make and the fun you have, and this is better when you plan trips well.

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