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Auckland Car Owners Among Highest Spenders on Insurance Premiums

Key and insurance policyNew research showed that car insurance premiums in New Zealand generally cost more in cities than in rural areas, although non-urban dwellers could sometimes pay more based on certain circumstances.

Moneyhub based its research on a comprehensive package for 35-year-old male drivers of a 2011 Toyota Corolla in Auckland, where rates are among the most expensive in the country.

Easier Search

Finding a good auto mechanic could now be much easier with a new app that connects drivers to car maintenance specialists. For car owners in Auckland, a mobile mechanic would also be a good alternative to servicing your car, especially during emergencies.

If you are wondering about the cost, the size of your car will determine how much you need to spend on repairs and maintenance. For instance, smaller cars normally require more than $260 for tyre replacement once every three years, while repairs and maintenance cost around $550.

Regional Rates

The rate of premiums within the city cost the highest in Takapuna. MoneyHub researcher Christopher Walsh said that owners in the area normally pay insurance premiums between $480 and $840. Car owners in Invercargill ranked behind with a price range from $370 to $635.

Car insurance premiums in New Plymouth are the most affordable at a range between $355 and almost $590, followed by Lower Hutt where rates cost between $$377 and $632. Rates might still cost more for rural car owners since insurers charge more for those who live in places with rough roads.

Whether you live in the city, keeping your car well-maintained is important to avoid having a rejected claim due to neglecting your vehicle’s condition.

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Insurance premiums in Auckland might be higher than in most rural areas, but that does not mean you should move to a place where rates are lower. In some cases, a regularly serviced car may be a factor for cheaper insurance premiums.

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