What Driver Personalities Are Behind Car Accidents? | Nova Smash RepairsWhat Driver Personalities Are Behind Car Accidents? | Nova Smash Repairs| Auto Boardz
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Are You a Magnet for Accidents on the Road?

Road Accident in Australia Apparently, your personality predicts the likelihood of your potential for car crashes.

New research suggests that psychologists can predict your chances of getting involved in an accident. Surprisingly, they can do so by merely observing certain features of your personality. They need not meet you to determine the safety of your driving — a short test will suffice.

Personality Dictates Driving Capabilities

Researchers believe that your personality says much about your driving behaviour, especially in terms of decision making. For example, your character says much about your conformity — do you observe traffic rules or are you an impulsive driver?

While some personal characteristics, such as risk taking, easily predict your likelihood for accidents, your personal psychology is also a factor.

The Science of Personal Psychology

Using personal psychology to predict an accident resulted in numerous findings which solidify the link between driving and personality. For example, the personality dubbed as ‘sensation seeking’ has the tendency to seek excitement and thrills and predicts the likelihood of speeding and driving under the influence.

Another personality implication claims that optimists are most likely to get into more accidents due to their excitement to complete the journey.

Personality features concerning time management are also a factor in collision involvement. This refers to your attitude in scheduling, which also explains how you attend to appointments. Effective time managers allot more time to planning and arranging appointments. Their talent at timeliness steers them away from stressful driving, which can save lives.

Dealing with Unprecedented Accidents

Science also dictates that those who consider random events as consequences of their behaviour often blame themselves for the crash. If you keep on blaming yourself, you shoulder the responsibility of your driving. Rather than continuously shouldering the guilt, Nova Smash Repairs, an accident repair specialist, recommends finding an immediate solution. Prolonging the agony by moping will not help your situation.

Doing personality tests raises awareness for potentially hazardous drivers. Once they learn how their personality puts their lives at risk, they can remind themselves of the results once they are on the road.

It is time to do a personality check before you put your hands on the wheel. Are you the type of driver who has the tendency to cause an accident or not?

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