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An Insight on Black Duck Seat Covers

a close up look at a car seat coverMany people consider Black Duck in Australia as a leading brand in the fabrication of seat covers. You could get made-to-order designs to suit your specific needs and car model. A Black Duck denim seat cover is popular for its comfort and stability.

Below are some key features to expect from the brand.

Water Resistance

Denim is water resistant. A well-fabricated seat cover will be waterproof from the front, the back, the skirting and the sides. However, it is possible for liquid to soak into your seats if you spill and leave them unattended for a long time.

On the other hand, canvas seat covers from Black Duck are 100% waterproof.


The canvas fabric is rigid and sturdy. Even a custom fitting design will not leave your seats with that luxurious soft look. If matters aesthetics mean a lot to you, the choosing Black Duck denim over Black Duck canvas seat covers would be ideal.

Denim is softer and has reasonable elasticity levels. This makes it fit perfectly to the seat edges and provides an overall appearance that is pleasing to the eye.


The comfort levels offered by denim seat covers are unmatchable. Products come with foam backing of top density. The twill fabric and soft polyester meshwork also play a great role in boosting the comfort levels of a car seat. Canvas seat covers are comfortable, though they craft them for resilience.

Canvas seat covers are more durable than their denim counterparts. They also come in a range of colours including the standard black, brown and grey shades. They are also available in non-standard colours including khaki, olive and como.

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On the other hand, denim is beautiful and comfortable. It makes a statement of luxury and style. Because it is impossible to go wrong with Black Duck seat covers, you simply need to make a choice that best suits your personal tastes.

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