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About Us

The motoring world is full of amazing things; it has everything, from the applications of the latest technology to the best in functional and creative aesthetic design. There’s always something for people on the edge to enjoy. But what about the people in the middle that just wants to get a safe and reliable vehicle they can drive their kids to school in?

This is where we come in; we’re the gear heads who are more into sedans and pickups than supercars and pimped out SUVs. Instead of obsessing over the power of turbo-charged engines, we spend all our time studying the dealer market and which prices make the best deals for the long haul.

We represent the average Joe that needs to think about bills, loans, and the other financial challenges regarding buying a vehicle that no one else wants to talk about. We write about topics that you can use right away as a consumer and everyday commuter. These subjects include which vehicle makes the best first car on a limited budget, which loans make the most sense in the current climate, and how to determine whether you’re ready for a brand new car.

Specifications and design are important, of course, but drivers need to be realistic with their approach to their vehicles. We can give them the insight into business and financial practices that will help them get more value for their money.

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, explore the rest of our website and read our stuff. If you have something to say, don’t hesitate to do so, on our Contact Us page. We always love getting feedback from our readers, because it means that people are taking the time to read us.