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A Charitable Drive: How Donating Your Car Can Help Multiple Charities

People Planning on DonatingDid you know that you can donate a car to help a charity? For this to work, cars are donated to organizations, who will then separate those in good condition from those that need repairs. Functional cars will then get sold at events or auctions, while those in bad condition will likely be refurbished. The proceeds from selling the cars will then be collected by the donating organization and be given to partnered charities like the following.

49ers Foundation

You can donate a car and help The 49ers Foundation, which aims to help underserved you by having them engage in developmental programs so they’ll stay on track, finish school, or find a stable job.

Alzheimer’s Association National

This foundation supports research that will help develop treatments for patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and research promoting brain health.

Cancer Research Institute

Cancer remains a threat to both young and old people, which is something the cancer research institute aims to abolish. They focus on advancing cancer therapies for patients to get their conditions treated or controlled.

Lost Dog And Cat Rescue Foundation

This foundation aims to help stray cats and dogs in over-crowded shelters or any situations that put these animals in danger of getting euthanized. These animals are then put up for adoption into homes willing to feed and care for them.

Meals On Wheels

Hand Giving Money BagsMeals On Wheels is a program that delivers meals to old people, sick individuals, or those that aren’t able to purchase or get their own meals.

Planned Parenthood

Sexual health care is often overlooked because of people who see it as an uneasy subject. Planned Parenthood offers consultations and other services to anyone especially young adults who need guidance regarding safe sex.

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Charitable Drives

In summary, charity drives aim to help people in need, which is why they’ll accept any form of help whether’s it’s in cash or in kind. Donating cars to charities is an innovative way of giving back to the less fortunate. Not only does it help make garages cleaner, it also saves lives.

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